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The Arab Parliament, in its plenary session held today, Saturday 12/12/2020 in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, issued a decision regarding developments in Iraq, especially in the political and security aspects, and the efforts made to impose security and stability and confront external attacks and interference.

In its decision, the Arab Parliament affirmed its support for the efforts made by the Iraqi government to restore security and stability, collect weapons and place them exclusively in the hands of the state and its security services, and enable it to impose the rule of law as well as the need to provide full protection for peaceful demonstrators, and in this context praising the announcement of the Iraqi Prime Minister on 28 November 2020, the judge to form a high-level committee from the central government entitled “Emergency Crisis Team” to protect peaceful demonstrators, state institutions, and private property, to block the way for terrorist and extremist organizations that exploit loopholes and crises to implement their goals of threatening societal peace and security in Iraq.

The resolution welcomed the existing dialogue between the central Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government to resolve the outstanding issues in line with the constitution and the law, and to achieve justice in the distribution of wealth among the brotherly Iraqi people, indicating that the risks and threats posed by ISIS in Iraq and its repeated terrorist operations and targeting the Iraqi armed forces The Iraqi civilian facilities and Iraqi citizens, and the organization’s maintenance of sleeper cells in different regions of Iraq, enable it to launch terrorist attacks between different periods, which require Arab countries to support the efforts of the Iraqi government in fighting the organization and eliminating its remnants.

The resolution stressed the solidarity of the Arab Parliament and its complete stand with the Republic of Iraq and its support in achieving its security and stability, preserving its national unity and non-interference in its internal affairs, and its support in all measures it takes to address the repeated external attacks on Iraqi lands, and to preserve the sovereignty, security and stability of Iraq.

The decision of the Arab Parliament called on the Arab countries to develop and intensify their official and popular relations with the Republic of Iraq at all levels, in order to enhance its Arab incubator, and to protect its stability and national security, which is an integral part of Arab national security, expressing its welcome to the agreement of Iraq and Saudi Arabia, on 11/18/2020 On the reopening of the Arar border crossing for trade exchange between the two countries, and to appreciate this positive step for its great role in strengthening economic and popular relations between the two brotherly countries.   link