In TNT 

RVAlready:  I’ll repeat a Tonyism – Be ready so you don’t have to get ready.

Samahdi:  hi guys, do you remember Tony’s back wall date of Jan. 5th ….when Tony mentioned it would be 100% done on Jan. 5th do you think there was a reason he chose that date ?

Annie68:  samadhi, All of Iraq’s new reforms start on Jan 1

CaptWillie:  I have a really good feeling about today. I know there’s a small window of time on Sunday when all of the banks, across the world are closed. Do any of you know when that is? I’m thinking that when the banks start reopening, we’ll see a RV tsunami roll in. Fingers crossed.

KaseyKo1:  CaptWillie, I think that small window of time on Sunday is around 1 am – 3 am (Sat night into Sun morning).

RVAlready:  I feel like I am readier than I have been in a while. Hoping for this week.