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Tishwash: Surprising news from Kuwait: the government will resign within 48 hours!

Kuwaiti media reported today, Wednesday, that the Kuwaiti government is expected to submit its resignation within the next 48 hours, less than a month after its formation

The newspaper said “The opinion Al-Kuwaiti said that “reports were circulated about the government’s intention to submit its resignation within the next 48 hours, in light of the interrogation submitted to the Prime Minister Sheikh Immortal morning And the mounting parliamentary support that came with it reached 37 deputies, with the member’s joining Ali Al-Qattan Today, to the 36 deputies who declared their support for the interrogation yesterday

He was the chief National Assembly Marzouq Al-Ghanim Today, I announce the adjournment of the parliament’s session, as the government will not attend after the deputies announced their intention to question its president

The Kuwaiti newspaper “Al-Jarida” stated that “the reason for the interrogation falls within the context of 3 axes, namely: a flagrant violation of the provisions of the constitution when forming the government, not taking into account the elements and trends of the new council, the domination of the executive authority over the composition of the parliament, and a breach of the constitutional obligation in Article 98 of the constitution by delaying the presentation Government Action Program link


Tishwash:  E-government. The real key to development

“The shift towards e-government is key to regulating the reality of work in Iraq and delivering revenues from various departments to the state treasury without any manipulation,” said Qahtan Adnan Abdul Amir, an economist.

He said that “the electronic government is a process of real construction of all the joints of the state and the services provided to citizens in all joints of the state,” pointing out that “the process of shifting towards electronic systems requires a description of the work of every employee in state institutions and then work to turn it into an electronic procedure, to bring out an electronic government.”

Financial income

Abdul Amir pointed out that «the adoption of biometry in Iraq represents one of the most important effective solutions to address many problems in the detailed collection of financial revenues and delivering them to the state treasury, in an orderly manner away from all forms of manipulation that may accompany this process.”

He stressed the importance of organizing the collection process

in the country in a way that affects low-income people,

Here are the need for smart solutions adopted by the state in order to achieve economic development, which He wants it, which is in harmony with the size of the country’s wealth.”

 Cutting-edge technologies

He stressed that “Iraq has all the ingredients to promote and adopt the best advanced technologies in the world, because the country has a large workload that requires an organized process by adopting a automation that maintains a safe working environment.”

Abdul Amir warned that “the country has the human resources capable of mastering advanced technology, through which we can establish an electronic government that raises the economic situation and changes the form of dealings and creates an ideal working environment free of all obstacles and illegal, which limits the implementation of various projects in all productive sectors.

And service.” 

He pointed out that “the uae experience and the success it has achieved can be described as quality, as all institutions have been transformed into electronic dealing.”   link