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Tishwash: A “vast plan” targeting 22 people to return 150 billion dollars to Iraq through a “legal deal”

Al-Mada newspaper revealed the existence of a “broad plan” aimed at returning 150 billion stolen dollars, by issuing court orders against 22 officials according to the deal “to release them after returning the funds.”

“In one of the biggest political deals, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi agreed with the heads of political blocs to issue arrest warrants against (22) government officials involved in the theft and smuggling of funds estimated at more than 150 billion dollars,” the newspaper said in a report followed by “Yes Iraq.” .

She added that the government anti-corruption committee in charge of investigations into files of corruption and exceptional crimes is expected to reveal the names of those involved in looting and money laundering operations, including former ministers, a current minister, a deputy minister and the head of an independent body.

She emphasized that the political deal also stipulated that the government release the accused after their arrest in exchange for repaying the money they stole and returning it to the state treasury, which suffers from severe financial hardship after the decline in oil prices due to the repercussions of the Korna pandemic.

It indicated that “the anti-corruption committee led by Abu Ragheef has completed investigations with a number of government officials, and will soon issue arrest warrants against (22) officials between a former and current minister, an undersecretary, a director general, and the head of an independent body.”

She noted that Al-Kazemi and the heads of political blocs agreed to activate the file of corruption through the government committee assigned for this purpose, and that the agreement stipulated the release of those accused or those involved in stealing money in exchange for returning it to the state treasury, ”explaining that the provisions that will be issued soon against the accused will be“ provisions with suspension of implementation. ” “So that those involved in the theft can return the money to the state treasury.

She pointed out that “the deal excluded those involved in smuggling large funds abroad and invested them, and therefore it is difficult to return it to the government again because of the laws in effect in those countries that prohibit the return or return of money after changing the gender of smuggled funds.”

She added that the “22” personalities have a great financial weight due to the corruption operations that they have carried out over the past years. It is expected that the deal will return nearly $ 150 billion to the state treasury.   link


Tishwash:  The congressional storming cast a shadow over the Iranian Toman’s circulation in Kurdistan

The value of the Iranian toman increased in the exchange markets of Sulaymaniyah today, Thursday, after a great turnout by citizens due to the tension that occurred in the American capital.

Hoshiar Aziz, from the Sulaymaniyah Stock Exchange Market for Foreign Currency Exchange, told “NasCord”, (January 7, 2021), that “the value of the Toman amounted to 2 million and 535 thousand against $ 100, while it was disbursed yesterday at the close by 2 million.” And 600 thousand tomans. ”

Aziz analyzed the reason for the rise in the value of the Toman, “because it was very popular with buyers after the security tension that prevailed in Washington last night.”

It is worth noting that the lower the value of the toman’s exchange against the dollar, the higher the value.   link