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Annie68:  Maybe we are DONE??!!!

Yada:  I was wondering the same thing annie,,,,considering the articles stating they are at the end of the devaluation stage,,,,the Finance minster stated “we see the Finance Minister has promised today to make an amendment to the exchange rate for positive effects and with supportive measures.”

Stoneman:  The third reading will follow the second reading.

Tac1seaday:  How many readings are there?

Sooneriam:  Three times three times is the charm. I hope

Yada:  The timing we are seeing is, the 3rd read for the budget, the 4th weeks of low rates on purpose, they reduced their amount of debt from 70 billion to 30 billion, and the reforms with the budget has been activated as of the 1st,,all ready,,,, dont forget the articles posted that they are saying they are going to move the rate to profit the people

Tishwash:  Finance: Supportive measures for exchange rate adjustment

The Ministry of Finance issued a statement on Friday on measures to increase the positive effects of the exchange rate adjustment, at a time when this price amounted to 144,750 dinars for $100 in currency markets across iraq provinces.

“The Ministry of Finance has not been able to do so, publicly, because of the sensitivity of the issue, and because the budget must be approved, first by the Council of Ministers,” he said.

The central bank decided late last year to adjust the exchange rate of the dollar in the Ministry of Finance to 1450 dinars per U.S. dollar, such as the purchase price of foreign currency from the ministry, 1460 dinars for every dollar selling foreign currency to banks, and 1,470 dinars for every dollar selling foreign currency to the public, stressing, at the time, that the devaluation of the dinar will be one-time and will not be repeated, and that it will defend this price and stability with the support of its foreign reserves, which are still at high levels.

“The Ministry of Finance has led extensive discussions in recent weeks after the approval of the budget from the Council of Ministers on the follow-up to the exchange rate adjustment, with several parties inside and outside the government, and these discussions will culminate next week with a proposed extended meeting with key economic actors from the public and private sector,” the statement added, adding that “the ministry will develop its detailed policy program designed to increase the benefits of the exchange rate adjustment.

“The Ministry of Finance hopes that these measures will coincide with discussions within the House of Representatives on the budget,” he said, noting that “the main policy measures for the protection of the poor and vulnerable have been included in the budget and discussed in the minister’s statement regarding  The budget.”   link