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Tishwash: Ambassador of the European Union: We are making every effort to remove Iraq from this list

The ambassador of the European Union mission in Baghdad, Martin Haute, affirmed that stability, prosperity and full sovereignty in Iraq are the basis for peace and stability in the entire region.

While welcoming the government’s steps to conduct early elections and studying options for monitoring them; He explained that the mission is making every effort to remove Iraq from the list of high risk countries.

Commenting on the US-Iranian conflict and its impact in Iraq, Ambassador Hutt said in a press statement: “In many cases, foreign powers use Iraq as a proxy battlefield to implement their regional agendas, which increases internal and regional instability,” stressing that “everyone should realize A weak and unstable Iraq can only end up as a failed state, with disastrous repercussions in the region and beyond, and it is in everyone’s interest to contribute to the establishment of a prosperous, stable, strong and sovereign Iraqi state as a prerequisite for the stability of the region, a country that thrives on the basis of good relations with all Its neighbors are on an equal footing and the basis of sovereignty, and as neighbors, Iraq and Iran undoubtedly share deep historical ties on several levels. ”

He added, “The European Union strongly believes in keeping diplomacy alive, specifically in preserving and saving the nuclear agreement (the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) with Iran,” stressing that the transition to a new American administration is distinguished by its tendency for dialogue more. “It could open the way for a unique opportunity in this regard, so any progress is likely to lead to a new diplomatic agenda through which the parties to the nuclear deal can work to stabilize the nuclear file, while taking advantage of the resulting momentum to address other issues with Iran.”

Relations with Saudi Arabia and Turkey

Regarding the current Iraqi-Saudi rapprochement and its importance for the stability of the region; “One of the European Union’s priorities is,” Haute emphasized. It is the promotion of stability in the wider Gulf region, so we welcome Iraq’s proactive policy to maintain constructive and balanced relations with all countries in the region and outside it, “noting that” this will allow Iraq to turn its geographically and economically weak position among the powerful neighbors into an opportunity to create multiple conditions that are profitable for all. ” Parties, and contribute greatly to achieving stability and prosperity for Iraq and the region. ”

He added, “As two Arab countries, the relationship between Iraq and Saudi Arabia is a close and important relationship for both countries, and the European Union is optimistic to note that these relations are subject to a positive review, as well as seeking to consolidate economic ties between the two countries.”

In the external files as well, specifically in the Iraqi-Turkish relationship, the European Union ambassador saw that “Turkey is an important neighbor of Iraq, and it has historical ties with it. It has also ended geographical and economic ties with Iraq. The interest of both countries ».

In this regard, he affirmed, “I believe that Iraq and Turkey need to strengthen their cooperation in combating any terrorist organization that poses a threat to their security, and that the outcomes of the recent meeting between Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sent encouraging signs that the two countries have finally engaged in a frank discussion about This issue, and the European Union can only encourage both countries to continue this discussion. ”   link


Tishwash:  Saleh and a Kurdish delegation affirm that the 2021 budget will guarantee the rights of all

The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, received today, Tuesday, at Baghdad Palace, the delegation of the Kurdistan Hope Alliance in the House of Representatives.

A presidential statement received by the Euphrates News Agency stated that, “During the meeting, political developments in the country and the file of the upcoming elections were discussed, where the importance of ensuring the conditions for their success away from fraud, manipulation and pressure, and preparing all the requirements for their security and logistical procedures,” stated a presidential statement.

The statement added, “It was also stressed the need for concerted efforts to reach radical solutions to the outstanding issues between the Kurdistan region and the federal government based on the constitution, and for the 2021 budget to be a guarantor of the rights of all citizens.”

President Saleh stressed the need to continue constructive and serious dialogue and a common desire to achieve the interests of citizens in order to reach sustainable solutions that include the issue of salaries of the region’s employees as a constitutional right, as well as other pending financial issues in a way that preserves the rights of the Iraqi people, including the rights of citizens, both employees and retirees. Kurdistan Region.   link