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Tishwash: International Development Bank: The White Paper on Restructuring the Banking and Financial System

The advisor to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Development Bank in Iraq, Hani Idris, said that the reform program approved by Iraq late last year under the name of “the white paper“, which aims to redefine the state, develop the public financial system, restructure the banking and financial system, address low productivity and protect groups Fragile.

On the other hand, the Information Technology and Communications Technology Association (INTAG) discussed, during its monthly meeting, growth opportunities for sector companies in the Iraqi market .

The association stated in a statement yesterday that the executive director of the “production” association, Engineer Nidal Al-Bitar, said that the meeting discussed the importance of the Iraqi market for Jordanian information technology companies .

In turn, the CEO of the “Delta Computers” company, Marwan Hamdan, reviewed his experience in the Iraqi market, stressing that the most sought-after projects in Iraq are “financial technology”, referring to the most prominent challenges facing investment in Iraq, represented by government instability and the lack of an active private sector   link