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Tishwash: Dozens are demonstrating in central Baghdad and heading to Parliament

The IQ NEWS correspondent reported, Saturday (January 16, 2021) that readers of the Ministry of Electricity metrics readers organized a demonstration and went to Parliament.

Our correspondent said, “Dozens of readers of the Ministry of Electricity metrics have organized a demonstration that started in the Alawi area, and went to the Parliament to demand their inclusion in the 2021 budget.

Dozens of employees of contracts and daily procedures demonstrate from time to time in a number of ministries to demand their confirmation on the permanent staff or the payment of their back salaries, in addition to several demands.

Yesterday, Friday (January 15, 2021), Minister of Electricity Majed Hantoush announced that the dues of contract employees and daily wage workers would be included in the 2021 budget and transferred from the investment budget to the operational one   link