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Tishwash: Expert: Iraq needs to restructure its economy according to the global context

Economist Fawzi Muhammad Al-Zobaei called for the necessity to restructure the economy in accordance with the global context and reform the business environment represented by procedures and laws and make it an appropriate and attractive environment for private sector activity.

He pointed to the importance of Iraqi economic reform according to modern economic foundations, meaning providing the necessary foundations for its transition from a central economy to a free market economy, as well as encouraging and developing the private sector in a way that ensures the full investment of its resources and diversification of its sources.

He explained that the private sector has a fundamental role in all societies as it is the main pillar of their economy, noting that private sector projects are capable of eliminating unemployment as it will employ the largest possible number of manpower, as this vital sector will solve many files, including the banking sector.  link

Cutebwoy:  The government is talking about the Baghdad Renaissance project: Basmaya loans without interest over 20 years

Baghdad – Mawazine News

The Council of Ministers decided, on Tuesday, that loans to purchase housing units in investment complexes should be interest-free, while she referred to the Baghdad Renaissance project.

Cabinet spokesman Hassan Nazim said in a press conference attended by Mawazine News that “the Central Bank’s initiative loans committee has been activated,” indicating that “the loans for the purchase of housing units in the investment complexes will be interest-free, at an amount of 75 million dinars, with a repayment period of 20 years.” .

He added, “The Council of Ministers hosted the Mayor of Baghdad for his discussion on the Baghdad Renaissance Project, and Al-Kazemi asked him to develop complete plans for covering the streets and neighborhoods of the capital.”

He pointed out, “The Baghdad Renaissance campaign includes laying 16 million square meters in neighborhoods and shops in the capital.” Ended 29 / h

The government is talking about the Baghdad Renaissance project: Basmaya loans without interest over 20 years