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Tishwash: Iraq: Closing down the Green Zone after two suicide bombings

The Iraqi authorities closed today, Thursday, the fortified Green Zone, which includes government headquarters and embassies of countries, following the terrorist bombings.

Today, the Iraqi police said that the security forces closed the main gates and all entrances to the Green Zone in central Baghdad, in a precautionary measure, as they spread heavily in the approaches to the Green Zone in the center of the capital, Baghdad, in anticipation of any security breaches.

It is noteworthy that the spokesman for the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Major General Yahya Rasoul, revealed that a double terrorist attack by suicide bombers detonated themselves in Bab al-Sharqi district in Baghdad, leaving 28 dead and 75 wounded.   link

Tishwash:  Representative Energy: We have dealt with the oil and gas law disputes, and we will vote on it soon

The Parliamentary Oil and Gas Committee revealed, on Thursday, that the legal drafting of the oil and gas law has been completed after all disputes regarding it have been addressed and the three components agree, indicating that Parliament will vote on it soon and before the end of its current session.

A member of the committee, Deputy Zaitoun Al-Dulaimi, said in a statement to “the information”, that “all the disputes related to the oil and gas law have been addressed in accordance with the three components,” indicating that “the legal drafting has been completed and the law has been submitted to the presidency for the purpose of submitting it to a vote.”

Al-Dulaimi added that “the presentation of the law to the vote will take place soon and there are no new obstacles to postponing it,” stressing that “the approval of the law will inevitably be approved during this parliamentary session.”

Iraqi politicians stress the importance of working on issuing legal legislation that regulates the relationship between the region and the federal government, especially in approving the oil and gas laws and the distribution of national wealth.   link