In TNT 

Bushog:  Baghdad rocked by suicide bombs; at least 6 dead The bombings were the first in years to target the Iraq capital’s bustling commercial area

Chevy:  my memory is that every time it gets really close to RV….some factions in Iraq try to cause problems. I remember Tony citing daily death rates in large U.S. cities to put it in perspective for us on his calls.

Mudpilot:  Chevy: If the problems that Iraq has is causing the RV not to be distributed, then we are likely to never see the RV …..15 years

Chevy:  Mudpilot – I don’t believe they can stop it when it goes but I think they keep trying…just an observation over time. It is actually reassuring to me when they do this stuff that we are really close!

RVAlready:  Wish they would cease the foot dragging, sign the budget, and publish a rate. We all need this finished, weeks ago.

KMAN:  Iraq’s cabinet approves 2021 draft $103 billion budget….

Pearle:  BAGHDAD: Iraq’s cabinet on Monday approved a 2021 draft budget of 150 trillion Iraqi dinars ($103 billion) as the country wrestles with an economic and financial crisis due to low crude prices.

Sooneriam:  how long to get to “final ” budget for Iraq done and move forward with the RV??

AL:  Just needs to be published in the Gazette, I believe….. But the rate can come out before that

AL:  I have never made a prediction but I am going to throw a dart at the wall. New rate comes out Saturday the budget is published on Sunday in the Gazette. IMO.