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US banks are “on location” this morning being told to look for “activity” between this afternoon and Sunday evening

…in spite of the Treasury Secretary not being confirmed until sometime next week? TIME WILL TELL and WAIT WE SHALL

Carter:  This whole ride has been a ground hog day

BSchatz:  Wow, talk of the dinar going up again to 150,000 to 160,000 to the dollar? This is the opposite of what we all are looking for in the revaluation. Can someone please explain this to me, after 16 years!

Yada:  Think they too are preparing for the onslaught of exchanges about to take place,,,,like the Dinar was devalued and now expecting the RI at the higher rate,,,

BSchatz:  Interesting Yada, please explain how this helps us. I am highly suspect that Iraq will ride on this for years, not weeks or months

Yada:  bschatz,,,their were a few reasons for Iraq to lower the value, as directed by the WBI and IMF. First it took the 3 zero notes out of circulation in the country. The people had to spend more while at the same time, price of items went up. It worked.

Yada: Secondly raq paid down their debt at the lower valued dinar. Like in the US, $1 will spend as $1. 1 dinar spends as 1 dinar even if the value is down. It worked. Now, when they increase the value, and it will not take weeks or months because it impoverished the people, the value will be there because the debt ratio is down,,,and the contracts signed in Aug through October are based on the stronger valued dinar

Yada:  Here is the best part. What dinar was relinquished to buy dollar, will now have the dollar in Iraq, exchanged back to dinar when the value of the dinar is stronger than the dollar in Iraq. It evens the playing field and even the crooks have to make the exchanges,,except this time, there will be control over the flow of the money

SusanaC:  expect a flip… remember lots of shifting sands…HOLD the LINE and Your Faith… the treasury rate is still $30…internal rates in iraq don’t affect us..what affects us is the rate the banks get-where we will be exchanging here in the us-i have not heard personally any change on that from my readings

Yada:  Agreed SusanC,,,we are on the line waiting for the gun to go off,,,,,,like the people were in 1889 and they were giving away free land in OK

BShatz:  Thanks SusanaC & yada, just wanted to know how you were thinking through the 30% of information available to us. Reasonable explanations!

Yada:  LOL 30%…I remember when Tony started using that years ago and wished he didn’t because it didn’t instill confidence with those who are just coming into the dinar game,,,we are so close that I’d almost say we reversed that ratio to 70% known because we are at the door,

SusanaC:  knock knoc…who’s there? RV……$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


Tishwash:  The US Embassy: Allocating $ 20 million to support Baghdad in securing the Green Zone

On Saturday, the US Embassy in Iraq announced the allocation of nearly $ 20 million to support the Iraqi government in securing the “Green Zone.”

“The United States has allocated nearly $ 20 million to support the Iraqi government in securing the international zone,” the embassy said in a statement seen by Al-Iqtisad News.

The statement added that “this support includes financing a team of civil engineers to conduct a comprehensive survey of the current entry points to the international zone, and to develop plans for new gates.”

According to the embassy, “Brigadier General John Tycert, Chief Defense Officer at the United States Embassy, presented the final report from the survey team to Major General Hamid Mahdi Al-Zuhairi, Commander of the Special Division Responsible for International Zone Security. The international zone of Baghdad and securing the seat of the Iraqi government    link

Tishwash:  Parliament holds its session headed by Bashir Al-Haddad

The Iraqi Council of Representatives held its 36th session of the first legislative term for the third legislative year.

The media department in the House of Representatives said in a brief statement that “People” received a copy, (January 23, 2021), that “Vice President of the Council of Wab Bashir Haddad opened the 36th session of the first legislative term of the third legislative year / fourth parliamentary session.”

And the Presidency of the House of Representatives announced, earlier today, the agenda of the thirty-sixth session, to be held today, while it added a new paragraph to the agenda.

Nass (January 23, 2020) obtained a copy of the agenda of the thirty-sixth session of the fourth parliamentary session of the third legislative year within the first legislative term, which is scheduled to be held today at three in the afternoon.

The agenda included 7 paragraphs, as follows:

First: To vote on a draft law on the accession of the Republic of Iraq to the International Convention on Civil Liability for Pollution Damage to Oil-Based Bunkers of 2001. (Committee on Foreign Relations, Committee on Health and Environment). (۲ material).

Second: To vote on the draft law on the accession of the Republic of Iraq to the international agreement on controlling ship systems that resist sticking and have harmful effects of 2001. (Committee on Foreign Relations). (۲ material).

Third: To vote on the proposal of the Law of the Third Amendment to the Law of Accountants and Auditors Association No. (190) year 19. (The Financial Committee) (3 articles).

Fourth: Questioning the Chairman of the Media and Communications Commission. (Representative Alaa Sabah Hashem al-Rubaie).

Fifth: Report and discussion (second reading) of a proposed law to reinstate employees of the Ministries of Defense and Interior to service. (Security and Defense Committee). (۳ Article).

Sixth: the first reading of the bill for social security and retirement for workers. (Committee on Labor, Social Affairs, Immigration and Displaced Persons) (112 articles).

Seventh: General discussions (15 minutes). link