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Tishwash: New statement by the Minister of Planning on the exchange rate and the agreement with China and the Port of Fao

New statement by the Minister of Planning on the exchange rate and the agreement with China and the Port of Fao

Minister of Planning Khaled Battal spoke, Monday (25-1-2021), about the Chinese agreement and the Fao port, while indicating that raising the price of the dollar or the dinar will have a negative, temporary effect.

“The raising of the dollar exchange rate will negatively affect the poor due to inflation and raise the prices of materials, and positively affect the event in the event of creating competition and economic movement,” Battal said in a televised interview.

He added, “The economy has trade and industry, the trader wants a low dollar exchange rate, while the industry wants to raise the dollar exchange rate,” noting that “raising the dollar price will have a negative, temporary effect.”

(this translation is weird but I’m pretty sure he is saying the agreement is delayed)
On the Chinese agreement, the Minister of Planning said that “there is no Iraqi-Chinese agreement, but an IraqiChinese agreement that provides for oil in exchange for reconstruction through a financial account of at least $ 100 million, and Chinese companies come to Iraq to provide services in exchange for money and not for free, and delaying the agreement.” Chinese is economical.

Battal also spoke about the Faw port, saying: “The cabinet in the government of former Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi issued a decision to transfer the Faw port to the Korean Daewoo Company.”

And a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Jamal Cougar confirmed, last Tuesday, that returning the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar to its previous position at the present time is very difficult, pointing out that the local markets will stabilize after the passage of the budget bill for 2021.

In an interview with (Baghdad Today), Cougar said during his comment on the current fluctuation in exchange rates, that “Financial transactions are currently going on the new general financial policy drawn up by the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance regarding the dollar exchange rate, so it is difficult to restore the exchange rate to its previous position in time. Current at the very least. ” 

He added that “the instability in the local markets will stabilize after the enactment of the budget law for the year 2021, and the official adoption of the new exchange rate,” stressing that “this will remove concerns and revive the markets again.”  link


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Pimpy  There’s other oil that’s getting ready to be discovered…I think you’re going to see Iraq move to possibly the largest deposits of oil in the world…even more than Venezuela.  It’s there.  We want to see it happen…


Monday Fleming RV Update

Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources, Bruce’s sources, MarkZ’s sources that this week will be a week of release “fireworks” finally; he has the same info as Dr. Charlie Ward’s, Simon Parkes,’ and Robert David Steele’s sources

He is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources that everything is still moving smoothly, and the RV teams have been pushing forward with bond moneys being recalculated, checked & rechecked and moved into bond seller recipient accounts over the weekend (the moneys being moved are from bond redemptions of 111 types of bonds, including the Exotic Bonds [Yellow Dragon bonds, et al.] and ZIM bonds, and he confirmed that these are huge amounts of moneys from which funds will be downstreamed to T1-4A & 4B exchanges);

He confirmed that the master plan is to start the shotgun liquidity release this Tue 1/26 which will start the sequence of  downstreaming and cascading of funds that will reach us in T4B at a certain time and in a certain sequence with the 1.4 million notification emails from WF servers, the database of which has been checked, pinged, verified, and made ready by teams at multiple banks to send out this week;

His current estimate is that T4B could start, as Bruce & other sources have been told, somewhere around Tue-Wed-Thu 1/26-28 (purposefully vague for security).

He is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources saying that the ZIM is still in play and that the rates for the ZIM and all currencies are very very high for us in T4B redemptions—higher than they have ever been—and he said we should love the rates when we get to the exchange appointments;

He confirmed the list of recommended humanitarian & job creation projects will be presented to currency holders at our appointments to justify asking for the higher contract rates in addition to, or instead of, your own projects.(edited)

He is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources saying that Mon 25 Jan is a key day when the military leaders who are responsible for the legal and lawful aspect of exchange procedures will get together and meet to discuss the final parameters of the shotgun liquidity start and the start of T4B exchanges;

The military is moving all forward based on the procedures that Trump had set up so that Trump could step back and not be the hands-on coordinator of the release; Trump had everything already signed that was required to release the RV / GCR shotgun start fully so that nothing will be stopped; he said that at this time, the Biden team do not intend to interfere (and will not be allowed by the military to interfere), he said—so all good news he said.

He is confirming that the interim military government overseeing and pushing forward the RV/GCR release process, and the restored Republic govt may still use facilities in DC but will also use new facilities in other sovereign territories across the country (some possibilities, he confirmed, are the new UST in Reno NV, possible restored Republic capital in TX or Philadelphia or other locations);.

He confirmed that Reno has been going full steam ahead over the past 72 hours preparing for the shotgun liquidity start in about 24-48 hours, since paymasters were called to be in place in Reno last Wed 20 Jan;

He confirmed that the RV release master plan is to get our T4B exchanges FINISHED & COMPLETED over the next 2.5 weeks, and the public T5 is to be started toward the end of that window before the start of the 16-day Chinese New Year celebration;