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Tishwash: Negotiations are ongoing.” Al-Shabaki: The talk about passing the budget during the next week is very optimistic

Future MP in the Al-Fateh Alliance Qusay Al-Shabaki described, on Tuesday, the negotiations to pass the 2021 budget as stalled and believed, ruling out the possibility of passing the budget during the next week.

Al-Shbaki said in a statement to the information that “the representatives of the southern governorates are continuing to demand an article that obliges the government to spend the petro-dollar, and that the liberated provinces also objected to their shares, and the destruction in them cannot be ignored, and everyone must properly do justice to them.”

He added that “the political forces await the completion of the negotiations in Erbil, Baghdad. The budget may be presented at the end of next week to vote in the event that there is a political consensus on it.”

“The negotiations to pass the 2021 budget are stalled and cannot be passed without a Kurdish-Arab consensus regarding the share of the Kurdistan region,” Al-Shabky said.   link

Tishwash:  Parliamentary Finance decides to amend the price of a barrel of oil in the 2021 budget

A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee announced today, Tuesday, that the price of a barrel of oil will be adjusted in the 2021 budget.

Representative of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Jamal Cougar, said: “The Parliamentary Finance Committee decided, in its continuous meetings, to discuss the draft general budget bill, to raise the price of a barrel of oil in the budget from 42 to 45 dollars, and calculate it according to the specified price.”

And between cougars; “This trend of raising oil prices and calculating them in the budget will save the state treasury more than 5 trillion dinars,” noting that “this also contributed to reducing the financial deficit in the budget law.”   lin


Cutebwoy:  Iraq and Kuwait are discussing the file of remaining debt payments and the possibility of postponing their payment

01/25/2021 20:08

Baghdad / Al-Masala: Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi discussed, on Monday, January 25, 2021, with Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, the activation of the higher ministerial committee between the two countries.

Al-Halbousi Media Office stated in a statement that “the Speaker of Parliament and his accompanying delegation met with the Kuwaiti Prime Minister His Highness Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah,” indicating that “at the beginning of the meeting, Al-Halbousi and the accompanying delegation congratulated Sheikh Al-Sabah on his re-appointment as Prime Minister and entrusted him with nominating members The new ministry, wishing him success. The meeting discussed, according to the statement, enhancing the prospects for cooperation between Iraq and Kuwait in accordance with mutual interests in all fields, the importance of activating the joint Iraqi-Kuwaiti ministerial committee and strengthening its work, as well as forming a joint parliamentary committee to activate cooperation and follow-up and accelerate government procedures in the field of investment, trade and free zones.

The Speaker of Parliament also discussed with the Kuwaiti Prime Minister the file of the remaining payments of debts owed by the Iraqi government to Kuwait, and the possibility of postponing their payment. Because of the financial crisis and the economic situation that Iraq is going through.

The meeting stressed, according to the statement, the need to open the borders between the two countries to trade movement after it stopped due to the pandemic, while tightening commitment to preventive measures, appreciating Kuwait’s stances in support of Iraq during crises, the latest of which is the Corona pandemic crisis, which was represented by sending liquid oxygen trucks to the health institution.

For his part, the Kuwaiti Prime Minister offered his condolences to Iraq for the victims of the last two bombings in Baghdad, stressing his country’s support for the government and people of Iraq, and the continued expansion of the horizons of cooperation between the two brotherly countries at all levels.

Iraq and Kuwait are discussing the file of remaining debt payments and the possibility of postponing their payment

CaliforniaSugarOf course they will wait! Kuwait knows that the value of the IQD will soon improve! This is good news


Tishwash:  A Kurdish leader announces that “very excellent” understandings have been reached between Baghdad and Erbil

The leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Ghayath Al-Surji, confirmed today, Tuesday, that they have reached understandings with Baghdad, describing them as “very excellent and satisfying both parties, while noting that today’s meeting was very long.”

“The meeting of the Kurdish delegation today with officials with Baghdad continues, and it is the longest in terms of discussions, as it started from this morning until now,” Surji said in a statement to “Tigris . ”

“The two parties have reached very positive and excellent understandings, which will be announced upon completion of the meetings between the Finance Committee and the Kurdish delegation,” he added .

Al-Surji pointed out that “until now, the quantities of oil that will be delivered from the region to Baghdad have not been determined, while the delegation presented a very transparent budget regarding the sale of oil and its expenditures and the oil companies operating in the region, as well as the number of employees and their monthly salaries and border crossings in the region . ”

He explained that “officials in Baghdad welcomed the Kurdish proposals and those agreements,” noting that “everyone agreed that any agreement would be supported in the interest of the Iraqi people.”link

Tishwash:  Source:The IMF knows very well that the Minister of Finance has lost the confidence of the people and will not loan it again

In informed political source confirmed, today, Monday, that Finance Minister Ali Abdul Amir Allawi will not be able to deal again with the International Monetary Fund, as it has lost the people’s confidence due to its wrong financial policy.

The source said in a statement to “Tigris”, “The International Monetary Fund or any foreign entity will not lend to Iraq again at the request of the current Minister of Finance, Ali Allawi, because those parties concerned with the circulation of funds know well that the Iraqi minister has lost the people’s confidence in him, represented by the House of Representatives.”

The source explained that “the wrong policy of the Minister of Finance, whether when he suddenly raised the dollar exchange rate or when he imposed deductions and taxes on employees’ salaries, or when he placed explosive spending in the 2021 budget, which reached 164 trillion dinars, put him in the crosshairs of legal accountability, which called some MPs and blocs.” To demand his dismissal. ”

Yesterday, Sunday, Finance Minister Ali Abdul-Amir Allawi revealed that Iraq was in talks with the International Monetary Fund to obtain a loan of 6 billion dollars to support its faltering economy, indicating that the government is determined to issue treasury bonds worth 5 billion dollars, adding in an interview with the site Once the House of Representatives approves the budget and spending plan, Iraq can apply for two billion dollars in rapid financing from a special mechanism launched by the International Monetary Fund to help economies suffering from the epidemic crisis   link