In TNT 

Buckeyefan:  Has anyone other than me felt like this could all be a ruse? Nobody told me to buy fully accountable. Lots pointing to possibilities as have others. All Intel to date is info no more or less. Seems it’s gone a bit away from RV …..Guess time will tell

CaliforniaSugar:  Buckeyefan, A couple of years ago I became very discouraged when I reviewed my dinar notes and they seemed to be a repeat of intel received years prior. However, this year I decided to concentrate on articles and Iraqi activity. Things that I could see for myself. I feel confident that we will RV sometime between Feb-April

Sunstar:  Buckeyefan, Not For A Minute Did I Think It was A Ruse, From The Day I Read Article 13303 I Have Always Believed In This Incredible Blessing… Every President Since 2003 Have Signed Off On Article 13303 For A Financial Reason….Go Rvvvvvvvv

CaliforniaSugar:  In 2001 I met a distinguished gentleman who told me to buy Zim. He told me to just hold on to it and that it would revalue in 20 years! I hold Zim and pray that it will RV, but according to the Zim government, it is no longer a valid currency. We shall see.

CaliforniaSugar:  In 2003, I was in Mexico and met a wealthy couple who also told me to buy Zim and that it would RV, but that it would take a very long time

JSL:  11 years ago I was told VND would be worth 5 cents before the end of the year. so I bought 3 mil so I could build a house. I would take either of those rates today if they give them

CaliforniaSugar:  JSL, same here. I will take 5cents on on dong and $1 on dinar. Praying for higher rates, but I don’t see how the country can afford it at this time. Once the country is built up, and more recognized as a viable place to conduct international business, I see the rates going through the roof at that time.