In TNT 

Yada:  so,,,ask the question,,how long can they keep the people of Iraq impoverished? Should of been released 10-1-20 and if the people knew it was going to take that long,,,they’d be burning it down now,,,

BShatz:  The impoverished people of Iraq have been that way all 16 years I have been tracking and analyzing the illusive rv.

Yada:  Not to the extent when they decreased the value in December. Besides, it has clearly stated the budget is being completed, if not already, and the World Bank is holding their hand to cross the line because of the 6 billion loan

BShatz:  Thanks yada, kinda makes sense but I have been 16 budgets now and not one has the value of the dinar appeared. Also Iraq has umteen billion dollar loans in the last 10 years and so far has not paid one back, they take money from the world and squander it to the corrupt.

Yada:  Tony and Ray’s source are in line with the few others I read,,,this is taking place as we speak and we are just not at the pay grade to be informed exactly when it happens

Eccle519:  The whole plan is for the GCR, nothing short of that raises the value of any currency because it’s the new economic system that increases the asset backed value. All the internal stuff, budget, HCL, elections etc is good but won’t change mucr (as we have seen, lol)

Doc:  Really odd that on last Friday there was a push by Treasury etc to do it by Sunday. Nothing on Monday and now radio silence from around the world. Sure anxious to hear what the banks and Treasury are saying now.

CharlieOK:  The ever present constant in this deal is if you are waiting on Iraq to do anything you will end up with zilch. The thing to concentrate on is what will Biden do or not do? And then, think about this? What if he isn’t in charge of this?  I am more confident than in awhile because this is a GCR EVENT. Not a RV event. The current POTUS just might agree to things the former one wouldn’t.