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Tishwash: The Iraqi budget. Doubling the petrodollar and allocating new financial to the capital’s entrances

The Iraqi parliament’s finance committee decided On Sunday to add a new financial allocation for the rehabilitation of the entrances to the capital Baghdad.

The parliamentary media department said in a statement to The Twilight News that the Finance Committee decided to add a financial allocation in the 2021 budget to rehabilitate the entrances to the capital Baghdad.

The statement said that the Finance Committee decided to double the petrodollar allocations in the 2021 budget to (one trillion) going to oil-producing provinces.

A parliamentary source told The Twilight News on Sunday that a preliminary agreement had been reached between all political forces to pass the 2021 budget bill early next week.

Earlier in the day, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi held a meeting with members of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, during which the 2021 federal budget was discussed and the joint cooperation between the executive and legislative branches continued to be adopted.

The Kurdistan regional government delegation is due to return to Baghdad this week with the aim of resuming a fourth round of negotiations, which it said will be crucial in stabilizing the region’s budget share.

The regional government delegation reached an agreement with the federal government to deliver 250,000 barrels of crude oil per day and half of the financial revenues generated from border crossings in exchange for Baghdad to give 12.67 percent of the budget to Kurdistan after the deduction of sovereign and ruling expenses, which was confirmed by the draft budget bill, but the delegation, in its last visit, was informed that the agreement was no longer valid. link