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Tishwash: The World Bank: The conditions the Iraqi economy is going through are the worst since 2003

The Resident Representative of the World Bank in Iraq, Ramzi Numan, confirmed that the bank supports the Iraqi government in several directions to get out of the current economic crisis.

Numan called for comprehensive reform in the Iraqi banking sector, while stressing that the Iraqi society is a youth society that can rise in the country if its energies are properly and seriously invested.

Numan pointed out that these conditions that the unilateral Iraqi economy is going through, which depends on oil, is the worst since the year two thousand and three, indicating that this left great burdens that were reflected in the ability of the Iraqi government to deal with emergency needs.  link

Tishwash:    Al-Saffar: The reserves of the Central Bank will not be touched, and there is a tendency to cancel the currency auction

The Finance Committee in the House of Representatives announced that the reserves of the Central Bank of Iraq will not be affected in the general budget for the year 2000.

Committee reporter Ahmed Al-Saffar revealed that there is a tendency to cancel the currency auction, saying that this auction does not exist in any country in the world except Iraq, adding that the auction works in an incorrect mechanism, by granting loans to banks instead of giving them to actual importers, students, professors, and patients who travel abroad Country.

Regarding the Central Bank’s reserves, Al-Saffar said that they will not be affected at all in this budget, after reducing borrowing and canceling foreign loans.  link