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Tishwash:  A bomb exploded near a new bank bridge

A security source said, Tuesday, that a device exploded near the new bank bridge.
The source told “Tigris” that “an explosive device exploded near the new bank bridge.”

The source added, “The security forces closed the roads leading to the explosion site and began to investigate the number of wounded and injured.”   link

Tishwash:  Transport and the central bank are discussing the activation of the electronic collection project

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Transport discussed with the Central Bank of Iraq the electronic collection project and linking it to the RTGS National Division.

“A joint meeting was held between the Director General of Payments of the Central Bank of Iraq, Duha Abdul-Karim, and the assistants of the Ministry’s formations managers, in the presence of the Director General of the Technical Department and the Director General of the Administrative and Financial Department in the Ministry,” the ministry stated in a statement received by Al-Ahed News.

The ministry indicated, “The aim of this project is to impart transparency in the collection processes of all the ministry’s formations and to switch to the electronic payment platform that will provide user interfaces that allow the ministry to follow up and monitor bill movements and display all billing details in a technical way, online and offline, and according to the available capabilities of the ministry’s billing systems. In addition to electronic automation.   link