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Tishwash: “MasterCard” launches payments via digital currencies in 2021

During the current year, the American “MasterCard” company intends to launch digital currency payments, which have become very popular in the world in recent years.

 This came in a message from Raj Damodaran, Executive Vice President of MasterCard Digital Assets. “At the moment we are preparing for the future of cryptocurrencies and payments,” he said.

He added that the company will carefully select the digital currencies that will be used in the payment process, meaning that not all digital currencies available at the present time will be entered.

He also indicated that “MasterCard” is actively cooperating with many major central banks around the world that are studying the launch of new digital currencies.

Damodaran said that last year, MasterCard launched a platform for these banks to test the possibilities of dealing in digital currencies.  link

Tishwash:  The central bank meets with workers in the profession of auditing and auditing

On 10/2/2021, the Central Bank of Iraq organized a meeting with the gentlemen of the Board of Auditing and Auditing Profession, the Accountants and Auditors Syndicate, the Iraqi Association of Certified Public Accountants, and a number of account auditors and auditing companies to study mechanisms and ways to improve the financial statements of banks and the role of account auditors in this regard.

The meeting was attended by the head and members of the audit committee in the central bank, the general directors of the accounting departments, banking control, investments, internal auditing and financial operations, in addition to a number of experts in the Central Bank of Iraq.

The meeting discussed the importance of enhancing disclosure in the financial statements issued by the auditor after being prepared by the banks’ administrations. The meeting ended with a set of recommendations that we hope will be achieved upon the issuance of the financial statements for the fiscal year / 2020, which are hoped to contribute to improving the quality of banks’ financial statements within the framework of applying international standards in auditing, control, transparency and risk management.

The Central Bank of Iraq  link


Cutebwoy:  Parliamentary Finance announces the cancellation of all foreign loans in the 2021 budget


The Parliamentary Financial Committee announced, on Wednesday, the cancellation of all foreign loans in the draft budget that was handed over to the government, indicating that any loan that the government will offer during the current year will be rejected.

A member of the Finance Committee, Ahmed Al-Saffar, said that “the last-minute amendments to the draft budget of 2021, according to which all loans made by the government were canceled.”

He added, “What is in it is only the old, valid loans, and we did not agree to any new loan,” noting that “Parliament will reject any new loan that the government offers during the current year unless it is classified exclusively for investment projects.”

He explained that “any loan submitted by the government will be repaid from the proceeds of the investment project, and the project remains the capital of the country and Iraq does not incur any debts.

Parliamentary Finance announces the cancellation of all foreign loans in the 2021 budget


Tishwash:  Pictures: “The Red Teddy Bear” ignites lovers ’dealings in Baghdad markets


The Iraqi capital, Baghdad, is witnessing great preparations for the celebration of “Valentine’s Day”, which falls on February 14th.

And shops were full of special types of gifts this Eid, which are predominantly red, amid the demand of those who shopped to buy.

The lens of the “Yes Iraq” platform documented those preparations, and the atmosphere that is no longer strange to the Iraqis, especially among the ranks of the youth and university students who exchange gifts and congratulations through cards enveloped in red and written on them the expressions of love.

Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or Saint Valentine’s Day is a Christian celebration celebrated by many people around the world on February 14, according to the Western Church, or on July 6, according to the Eastern Church each year.

They celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day and celebrate love and affection. In it, the lovers express their love for each other by sending a greeting card or by giving flowers and other things to their loved ones.

The holiday bears the name of two people with the same name, Valentine, and Christians consider them (martyrs) for the sake of Christianity at its inception, after which this day became associated with the concept of romantic love.

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