In TNT 

Champagne Life:  When I first got into collecting currencies, I would write out post that stood out. Some post I felt really spoke to me. This post is from WILDDUCK, I don’t know how many of you remember him, I barely do. I found this old post by him, written out in my own handwriting. I took the time to write it out back then because it must have stood out to me. Today, after finding it and re-reading it, it really hits home. I want to share it.  All praises to the most high for finding this old post from Wildduck today. I hope you enjoyed reading it as I have.

WildDuck:  The last five yards is the toughest. Go RI/RV! Go follow your dreams, never give up, persevere, never lose sight of your dream, never say “I don’t see a way”. Yes you can dream BIG, then on the turn go BIG. Yes you can, yes you will make it.

God did not put all of this on your heart just to tease you. He has a plan. All the pain and loss was to prepare you for a new life. Your goals today are way different than in 2004 to 2013. Today many of you know what it feels like to be broke and desperate. Short on food and other resources.

Yet, God brings you help just in time. You are still standing. He has tested you and pulled you like salt water taffy, getting you ready to deal with the immense wealth.

If it had come sooner, easily, quickly without the strain, you would have no respect for wealth or the blessing. This way you will remember the poor and down trodden and extend your hand without a second thought to help others.

Unlike the takers, who have stood in the way until now. The good news is we have real deadlines. Time to stop all quarrelling and doubt and focus on being ready.

Not to run to the bank, that part is easy, even a blind dog can find his food dish. It’s where your heart and mind will be when walking out the bank. Are you really ready for a change? Ready to help humanity?

All of that starts in the heart first. If your heart is all about you, then you’re no better than the people that rallied against you, keeping you back from your money.