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Tishwash: Iraqi monetary reserves exceed $ 55 billion

The Central Bank announced, on Saturday, that the Iraqi cash reserve exceeded 55 billion dollars.

The official news agency quoted the bank as saying that “the cash reserve has now exceeded 55 billion dollars,” adding that “the decrease in bank purchases from the outlets has led to an increase in the cash reserve.”

He explained, “The increase in monetary reserves is the result of high oil prices.”  link

Tishwash:  Deputy: The announcement of the final agreement for the share of Kurdistan delays the approval of the budget

A member of the House of Representatives, Siham al-Moussawi, revealed, on Saturday, the reason for the delay in approving the federal budget, indicating that the final understanding on the share of Kurdistan is the most prominent obstacle.

Moussawi said in a statement to / the information /, that “the oil revenues and the commitment of Erbil regarding the agreement on the budget and the payment of debts of foreign oil companies operating in Kurdistan are the most prominent points of current disagreements on the budget.”

And she added that, “until the moment, there is no understanding on fixing the share of Kurdistan, and differences are still going on between the Parliamentary Finance Committee and the regional government,” indicating that “the parliament has categorically refused to pay the federal government debts to Erbil oil companies as well as external loans to the region.”

It is noteworthy that the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives announced earlier the completion of an almost final draft of the 2021 budget, which raises a number of problems and objections.   link