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Tishwash: Al-Halbousi cancels all deputies’ vacations and changes the date of today’s session

The Speaker of Parliament directed to cancel all leave for deputies for today’s session, Monday, and the next sessions, in order to complete the Federal Court laws and the general budget for 2021.

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A representative source told the Euphrates News Agency that “it has been decided that today’s session will be held at seven in the evening.”

Parliament was scheduled to hold its session today at 11 am, but the lack of a quorum postponed its convening.

It is scheduled that the parliament will complete voting on the remaining articles of the Federal Supreme Court law today.   link

Tishwash:  Disclosure of the reason for the postponement of the parliament session

A parliamentary source revealed, on Monday, the reason for the postponement of the parliament session scheduled for today morning.

The source told “Tigris”, “The House of Representatives postponed its session, which was scheduled to take place at 11 am until this evening, due to the lack of agreement between the political forces on the contentious paragraphs in the Federal Court Law and the boycott of a number of blocks of the session due to the inclusion of the law for voting.”

He added, “This session was postponed for the sake of the continuation of the blocs in their meetings that are held for hours in the corridors of parliament until an agreement and consensus is reached in the coming hours   link


Tishwash:  Iraq ranks low in the evaluation of “attracting investment” .. Learn about the indicators of strength and weakness that Iraq has acquired

Iraq ranked 105 out of 109 countries in the evaluation of the most attractive countries for investment for the year 2020.

Iraq achieved a rate of 23.7, while the evaluation includes a set of factors including stability of economies, financial structure, institutional environment, basic requirements, market potential and ease of access to the market, natural and human resources, material costs, logistical performance, communications and information technology, main factors, economics of agglomeration, Technical environment and privileges, external factors influencing.

The proportions of Iraq were very late in: the institutional environment, logistical performance, technical environment, financial structure.

As for the high percentages in Iraq, they were in: economic stability, natural and human resources, the main factors.

This report measures the extent of the attractiveness of countries ’economies to foreign investment for various countries, and despite the high percentage of Iraq compared to 2019, Iraq has maintained its position among countries.

The United Arab Emirates topped the Arab countries, ranking 24th in the world, followed by Qatar in 42nd, Saudi Arabia in 44th, and Kuwait at 46th.

As for the most attractive countries, the United States was in first place, then Switzerland in second place, and Sweden in third place.  link


Tishwash:  To achieve real economic reform. Iraq needs infrastructure to adopt cutting-edge technology

“The process of economic reform requires that we start where the world ends, and here we stand at the technology joint that is globally adopted in managing the joints of the developed countries,” said Qahtan Adnan Abdul Amir, a member of the BusinessMen’s Union.

He said that «the development of the system of work and performance in Iraq requires the adoption of advanced technology that directs the performance pathways correctly, which makes it imperative at this stage to create infrastructure that serves the technology sector, and here is a need for government support for this trend What’s important is.

Process conversion

Abdul Amir pointed out that «the adoption of technology needs that every employee writes his daily procedures, i.e. what he does in detail for a certain period and then converts the procedures to electronic tasks adopting advanced technologies that contribute to the comprehensive reform processes in the country, and that writing procedures constitutes 40 percent of the value of automation to reach an ideal application of electronic government.”


He stressed that «the challenges facing the process of transition towards automation or e-government are several, including the weakness of the Internet in the country and its high prices, as well as the lack of a generation capable of advanced technology, which requires the creation of human resources on a high degree of education that leaves a footprint Positive.”

Use of technology

“Once the tools of using technology are available, we will be on the right track to build the country and repair its most important joints, which contribute to achieving a real multiplicity of financial revenues,” abdul Amir said, noting that the internet joint in Iraq must be under the umbrella of the Ministry of Communications exclusively, to obtain the service Required.”

Save information

He was able to learn about the German experience in this field, which made every employee write the procedures for every working hour, in order to document the process of keeping all the information.”

He warned that “the advancement of infrastructure can be carried out by local bilateral partnerships for a specialized effort in this The domain.”   link

Profits:   AFTER THE WAR; No Electricity but Kuwait Reopens Its Banks

When Iraq invaded Kuwait in August of 1990, the value of the Kuwaiti dinar dropped to about 5 cents. In other words, it took 20 Kuwaiti dinars to buy one dollar.

In February of 1991 Iraq was expelled from Kuwait, and a month later, the banks revalued their currency to $3.47, the highest valued currency in the world. When this occurred, the New York Times reported the event on March 25, 1991.

It still has no water and little electricity or food, but Kuwait revived its banking system today, introducing a new currency.

Banks reopened for the first time since Iraqi occupation forces shut them down in December. Thousands of people lined up to exchange their old Kuwaiti dinars for crisp new ones and to withdraw a limited amount of money….

All other old dinars can be exchanged for new ones on a one-to-one rate until May 7, when the old dinars become invalid. The new official exchange rate is 3.47 American dollars for one new Kuwaiti dinar.

At the same time, the UN put Iraq under trade sanctions, crashing the value of the Iraqi dinar (IQD) from $3.22 to about 4000 to the dollar. Their currency could only be spent in Iraq itself, and people had to carry around wads of 25,000 dinar notes to buy groceries.

Then in 2003 coalition forces invaded Iraq and overthrew Saddam Hussein. By 2004 we gave them a new currency without Saddam’s picture on it. The value soon doubled and went up to 2000 to the dollar. A few years ago the Central Bank of Iraq managed to stabilize the value at 1166 per dollar.

On June 27, 2013 the UN removed Iraq from Chapter VII sanctions, allowing Iraq to regain control of close to $80 Billion in frozen funds that had been sitting in western banks since 1990. This also allowed Iraq to be reinstated on the world’s banking network, as soon as they are ready. At the same time many expect to see the IQD revalued at or near its former position.

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