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KMan: From Iraq Parliamentary Finance confirms approving the budget today Parliamentary Finance confirms to {Al Furat News} approving the budget today20/03/2020 09:41:48 The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed, on Saturday, the approval of the general budget law for 2021 today. A member of the committee, Shirwan Mirza, told {Al-Furat News} that “the issue of approving the general budget is certain today,”

KMan:  Indicating that “all political parties agree on the approval and there are no obstacles to it.” He continued, “It was agreed with the delegation of the Kurdistan region on all points of disagreement in a meeting last night.” The Presidency of the Council of Representatives announced late last night to postpone the vote on the general budget to 5pm today, Saturday.

KMan:  Let’s pray this is really it this time. No more Charlie Brown moments….lol   Like Tony keeps telling us, Iraq is done, we’re waiting on the US Treasury to give the green light.

NetGlobal: This article is weird. It is date as 3/20/2021 but the article says the the budget was approved on Monday. Yet, we know the budget has not been approved yet….. Oh, the article also has a date of 12/21/2020. Crazy

VinterV:  Stay Tuned!!!!!

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