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Pearle: Anything to share…..did they pass the budget

JCNoble: Pearle the can got kicked down the road again, currently scheduled for Saturday

RVAlready:  They apparently moved the vote to next Saturday. I could hope it actually happens before then.

Ivantulafitov:  April and September historical months for revalue so there’s that…. Guessing they will put of vote until last second possible to negotiate … it’s what they do

Yada:  Because a new fiscal year starts 4-1-21, this will be done by then.

CaliforniaSugar:  Yada, I pray that the rate is changed this April. I had full confidence that our ride would be over. However, the articles that came out today are discouraging. The CBI, which usually does not play politics (lie to the public), stated that the current rate of 1460 is good for the country, and should not change.

Yada: Most articles are like opinions, every one they interview has an opinion. The White Papers is what they are following and it requires the to increase the rate so they can finance the reforms for the country and people

CaliforniaSugar:  Yada, thank you for that reminder! I keep telling myself that the govt employees just agreed to a huge pay cut and that the citizens will burn down the entire country if the rate is not changed, as promised! Thanks again. You are always so level headed.

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