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Tishwash: After months of controversy, the Iraqi parliament approves the 2021 budget after increasing it

The Iraqi parliament approved, on Wednesday, the draft general budget bill after months of obstruction due to controversial paragraphs that almost led to political conflicts, adding more complexity to the political scene in the country.

Parliament raised the size of the general budget for 2021 before its approval to more than 101 trillion Iraqi dinars, or about $ 69 billion, up from the government’s estimate of 96 trillion Iraqi dinars.

Parliament has also raised operational expenditures, proposed by the government, to ninety trillion dinars, making the total deficit after accounting for other expenditures amounting to more than 28 trillion dinars, according to a copy of the draft budget published by the official Iraqi agency.

The government calculated the price of a barrel of oil on the basis of 42 dollars per barrel and an export rate of 3.25 million barrels per day, but Parliament calculated it at a price of up to 45 dollars, using the Iraqi currency in assessing the price of a barrel instead of the dollar, which ended a major political debate about the restoration of government support for the value of the dinar. Iraqi against the dollar.

With regard to the Kurdistan region of Iraq, the budget obliged the region to pay at least 250 thousand barrels per day of oil field production in the Iraqi region to the Iraqi government for export in exchange for paying the salaries of public employees in the region and settling the dues between the two sides “after being audited by the Office of Financial Supervision.”

The Iraqi Public News Agency said, “Parliament has deleted Article 20 of the draft budget law, which deducts taxes from the salaries of ministers and parliamentarians and special grades of 40 percent for the heads of the three presidencies, the Judicial Council and their deputies, and 30 percent for ministers and deputies and those of their rank and those who receive salaries equal to their salaries, and taxes are deducted.” From the salaries of employees whose monthly income exceeds one million Iraqi dinars (about $ 700) by ten percent, and “withholding” taxes on end of service and retirement benefits.

Article Twenty large sums are deducted from the salaries of special grades .. A copy of the Iraqi News Agency

Parliament removed the thirty-eighth article of the draft law, which requires ministries and government departments to open the door for investment to the private sector, and to transfer percentages of investment returns to the state treasury.

Article 38 proposed in the draft budget .. Source: Iraqi News Agency

Parliament postponed the vote on an article related to converting agricultural lands into residential land, which includes large areas of agricultural land around cities that have been unofficially converted into housing.

Parliament has removed articles 42 and 43 pertaining to allowing the government to sell residential real estate and launch tourism investments, and Article 47, which provides for the evaluation of the assets of the property of official institutions in preparation for “selling or renting them.”

Parliament added new articles to the budget related to granting governors investment powers in their governorates and obligating the government to send the names of “persons assigned to the positions of heads of independent bodies, special ranks, secretaries of ministries and advisors” to the House of Representatives for approval, in what appears to be an attempt to end the system of “appointment by proxy” that allows the appointment of personalities for these positions Without a vote by Parliament. link

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