In TNT 

Speedy:  They passed the Budget !!!

Longhaul:  With the Dinar at 1450 does that work in our favor?

RVAlready:  No, dinar at 1450 is awful. We are waiting for new rate from CBI

Annie68:    Do you all want to wait to see it the Gazette?? It doesn’t come out again until Saturday…..Ray just said we don’t need to see it in the Gazette…all we need is for the CBI to give out the rate.

RVAlready:  Everybody is looking for something between .50 and 6.00, depending on which country ( US or Iraq) you are talking about. CBI should announce something shortly. I hope for tomorrow morning, Iraq time.

MountainMole:   Well this could be a very short night. If this pops early in the morning, not many would believe us thinking it’s April Fools Day.


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