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Tishwash: The Sistani authority determines the first day of the month of Ramadan and publishes texts for all governorates

The Office of the Supreme Religious Authority, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, expects that Wednesday, April 14, will be the first day of the blessed month of Ramadan.

And the Office of the Supreme Reference published Imsakah for the holy month link

Tishwash:  Official clarification about the missile attack on Balad Air Force Base

The commander of Balad Air Base, Major General Pilot Zia Mohsen, revealed, on Sunday, details of two Katyusha rockets falling outside the base.

The al-Qaeda order said, according to the official agency, that “two Katyusha rockets fell outside the base at a distance of more than three kilometers without any losses.”

He added, “The Diyala operations found the missile launcher.”   link


Tishwash:  Legal expert: It is not permissible to appeal the budget law

A legal expert confirmed that the appeal of the federal budget law for the year 2021 is not permissible until after the President of the Republic ratifies it and publishes it in the Iraqi newspaper Al-Waqaeqi.

Legal expert Tariq Harb said during a special statement to PUKmedia : It is not permissible to appeal the Federal Budget Law for the year 2021 except after the President of the Republic ratifies the law and publishes it in the Al-Waqaeq newspaper and has obtained a specific number because the appeal is submitted according to the number of the law, and it is not permissible to appeal it except after completing the full legal procedures.

He added: It is not reasonable to appeal the budget law by the representatives, because the appeal is usually by the government and not from the House of Representatives, this law was passed by the majority by the House of Representatives, so it is not permissible to appeal it by the issuing authority.

He explained: As long as the law was issued by the majority of the House of Representatives, the appeal of any representative is a question mark, and the Federal Court will appear to him with suspicion, and the majority is binding on the opinion of the minority, and the Federal Court usually accepts whenever the government presents it because the budget is specific obligations on the federal government only, so the party that has the right to challenge the law is the government.  link


Tishwash:  Sovereign funds and financial crisis response

It is necessary to establish a sovereign wealth fund to reduce the effects created by the global financial crises, which are happening periodically, as this sovereign fund is one of the pillars of economic reform, a tool for financial and economic diversification and a focus of economic reform.

Budget surpluses

Dr. Ahmed Omar al-Rawi, a member of the Strategic Center for Arab and International Studies, said: “Despite the passage of a law on public finance no. 6 for 2019, which provided for the transfer of surplus budgets of the state to the sovereign fund, this fund has not been established to date, despite the potential for establishing a sovereign fund through the transfer of $10 billion from the central reserves of The Foundation The fund.

Strategic projects

He pointed out that the Ministry of Finance should commit to allocating at least 5 percent of oil revenues annually and the estimated oil price differences achieved from surpluses in public budgets,” he said, adding that “it is important that the sovereign fund work to invest in strategic and development projects such as energy and transport projects, where it can contribute to the construction of the great port of Faw and railway connectivity, and work to support the development of the country after the failure of investment programs in the state budgets.”

He stressed that “the success of the sovereign fund in its functions requires that the fund have independent management with local and foreign expertise and under the supervision and cooperation of the World Bank and the Institute of International Sovereign Funds.”

Reconstruction Council

“Iraq has experience in forming a sovereign fund represented in the Reconstruction Council, which was established in 1950, and the council’s share of oil revenues in 1952 reached more than 23 million Iraqi dinars and rose in 1954 to 39 million Iraqi dinars and then in 1955 reached 42 million dinars, and the Council contributed to the implementation of many development projects for Iraq, but this council was dissolved in 1958 and replaced by a ministry in 1958 Planning.”   link

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