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Tishwash: Parliamentary committee: the budget will adopt a new way to deal with the ‘petrodollar’ clause

The Parliamentary Oil and Energy Committee announced, on Wednesday, that the 2021 budget will adopt a new method regarding the “petrodollar” clause, as well as adding projects worth 1 trillion dinars to the oil-producing provinces.

Committee member Sadiq Al-Sulaiti said, in a statement to NRT Arabia (April 14, 2021), that “the issue of (petrodollars) in all budgets was mentioned that there are dues for oil-producing provinces, as well as provinces that contain refineries as part of the allocations of” petrodollars “, through sums For these provinces within their own investment plan.

Al-Sulaiti noted that “this issue is written in the budgets, but it is not applied, because the Ministry of Finance was citing the lack of financial revenues and the deficit in financing” petrodollar “projects remains.

Al-Sulaiti added that “the debts of the Ministry of Finance to the southern governorates amounted to more than 25 trillion dinars, according to the” petrodollar “clause, and this amount has not been paid yet. For the “petrodollars”, by opening accounts on a monthly basis from oil revenues that are deducted from the “petrodollars” in order for these projects to be organized by the producing provinces according to their production quotas, and the amount is kept away from the disposal of the Ministry of Finance.

Al-Sulaiti added, “We hope that this step will help in finding investment service projects for these governorates, as they are worthy of them,” stressing that “members of the House of Representatives are following up this issue with the Ministry of Finance in order to bring it into implementation as soon as possible.” For oil, which is a very good amount that will give at least a push in the field of organizing service projects for these provinces, “noting that” the covered governorates are most of the southern provinces, as well as the central and Baghdad governorates.  link


SexyChocolate:  A very good friend of mine who is like a brother to me says who introduced me to this, who also celebrates Ramadan (Wednesday) says that he knows someone who speaks Arabic and has alot of Dinar says he’s hearing for this to happen on Friday.   Not sure if its true or not, just sharing….

Mailboxmoney:  Tomorrow is the 15th. I was told years ago they only change rates on 1st or 15th. Hope this is it.

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