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Makeitsow:  Can Iraq go digital on May 1st WITHOUT a new exchange rate???

Yada:  Im of the mind no they cant….of course it could be adjusted but why put a program rate in digital form? No one outside of Iraq would be using it

RVAlready:  I can’t imagine anyone being interested at 1450 to 1.

Makeitsow:  On May 1st they are international and have to be section 8, which allows global investors to enter Iraq. Do you think they will enter with a program rate???

Yada:  You mean Article 8 or their currency is valued at the correct value to do business with the rest of the world. I would imagine they are article 8 compliant and with the affective date 4-26-21, they have only to open the doors to the rest of the world .

Moneymerge:  woooooo hooooooo we are close folks, we are breaking the final line ribbons, we are all going to be millionaires and billionaires pretty soon believe it or not

Yada:  agreed moneymerge,,,just read an article that as of their Wednesday, they are taking bids to start the construction of the 7000+ schools in the country.

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