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Tishwash: The Iraq Stock Exchange will close its doors in the middle of next week

The Iraq Stock Exchange announced that it will close its trading next Monday due to the ban and Eid Al Fitr.

The market said in a statement received by “Al-Eqtisad News”, that “based on the Cabinet’s decision and the decisions of the Supreme Health and Safety Committee due to the existence of a curfew from May 12 to May 22, it will be the last trading session in securities before Eid Al-Fitr and from next Monday in order to end From settlements and clearing between brokerage firms and investors. ”

He added that “the first trading session in the securities will be after Eid Al-Fitr and the curfew, and as of Sunday, May 23.”

It is noteworthy that the Iraq Stock Exchange organizes five trading sessions per week from Sunday to Thursday, and 103 Iraqi joint stock companies are listed in it, representing the sectors of banking, communications, industry, agriculture, insurance, financial investment, tourism and hotels    link

Tishwash:  Parliamentary Finance: High oil prices will cover the 2021 budget deficit

The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed, on Saturday, that the fiscal deficit in the General Budget Law for the current year is estimated at 32 trillion dinars, confirming that high oil prices will enable the government to cover the deficit.

Committee member Naji Al-Saeedi said in a press interview, “The total expenditures in the General Budget Law for 2021 amounted to 129 trillion dinars, but the financial deficit in the law is estimated at 32 trillion.”

He added, “The calculation of one barrel of oil in the General Budget Law for the year 2021 had been proven at 45 dollars, and therefore the rise in oil prices would cover the expenses of the financial deficit, and provide the petrodollar project allocations and other obligations to the Ministry of Finance.”

Iraq relies on oil sales revenues to finance 95 percent of state expenditures.

The country has been experiencing a stifling economic crisis since the beginning of 2020, due to the decline in crude oil prices on global markets due to the Corona pandemic   link


Tishwash: A statement from the International Coalition on targeting Ain Al-Assad: No casualties

The spokesman for the International Coalition, Wayne Maruto, commented on Saturday that the Ain al-Assad base in Anbar province was targeted by a drone.

“The Ain Al-Asad air base was attacked this morning by an unmanned aerial reconnaissance system, and no injuries were reported,” Maruto said in a tweet via Twitter, noting that the hangar was destroyed, and the attack is under investigation.

He added, “Every attack against the government of Iraq, the Kurdistan Regional Government and the coalition undermines the authority of Iraqi institutions, the rule of law, and Iraqi national sovereignty.”

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