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BigE-13B:  Finance Minister meets senior International Monetary Fund officials

Search Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari and his accompanying delegation and with the participation of the Iraqi Central Bank delegation in the capital of Peru / Lima on October 11, 2015, with the Deputy Director General of the International Monetary Fund, Mr. Foro Sawa with Mr. Masood Ahmed Middle East and North Africa official in the fund all the unity of Iraq’s relations with the International Monetary Fund.

The technical and detailed discussions focused on Iraq take advantage of urgent financial assistance loan to a fund to support the budget   RFI)  (Consideration also was given to convene a session of bilateral and technical consultations in early November 2015, to discuss Iraq can benefit from the strengthening of the financial and economic management program STAFF MONITERING PROGRAME (SMP)

In the identification of achieving the required economic reforms and ways to fund the efforts of the government aimed to conduct a series of reforms to rationalize spending and the elimination of waste and waste of state funds and encourage private sector and foreign investment and internal support.