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Thursday UPDATE for June 3, 2021

Kurd’s leader, Barzani, asserts approval of the mechanism that will implement the agreement of the 2021 budget. He  acknowledged that Baghdad should have no reason “not” to send the salaries and dues to the Kurdistan region.

The Finance Minister is expected to address accelerating the economic reforms and getting projects under way. However, with only 66 members of Parliament present, a “lack of quorum” prevented the meeting from taking place. The final agreement is expected to become official within a week.

Some exchange attempts are reportedly taking place today, but confirmations of such activity are elusive. TIME WILL TELL

Jambie67:  So the implementation of the agreement of the 2021 budget has been approved but not yet done, right? And, a final agreement to accelerate economic reform had a “lack of quorum”, so that did not happen yet. However, all of this should become official within a week! Great news appears to be just around the corner, so hang on, peeps! Miracles to come! This is worth the wait!

Yada:  Jambie, Im of the mind they can release the rate but the quorum was to vote on expediting the process. Whether to do or not, will not stop the release.

CharlieOK:  It really boils down to this: It makes no difference who is mad or disappointed with whom or what with regard to the gcr. NOTHING is going to happen until the CBI changes the rate. Kurdistan won’t get their check or digital money; Baghdad won’t get Kurdistan oil; no reforms will take place; UNTIL the CBI raises the rate.

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