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RVAlready: Once everyone is happy that this will go through to a successful completion, the CBI will RV the currency. The delay is understandable, though we are all way too tired of waiting. Hoping the guys running the show realize they have to complete this soon.

CaptWillie:  We are already wealthy beyond all measure. We’re just wanting to exchange our foreign currency into USDs. Patience grasshoppers, just a little bit longer.

Alf:  gotta have high hopes, high hopes.

Actech426:  The struggles we endure today will be the ‘good old days’ we laugh about tomorrow. Aaron Lauritsen

Actech426:  Some day we’ll look back on this journey, it will speak volumes of Robert Frost’s words … the road less traveled.

Actech426:  There is strange comfort in knowing that no matter what happens today, the Sun will rise again tomorrow. Aaron Lauritsen,

Actech426:  The hardest part of this travel, is like a train ride. You’re continously chugging along, without being in charge of the driving.

Actech426:  Nothing happens unless first we dream. Carl Sandburg

Actech426:  The greatest rebellion is loving yourself in a world trying to sabotage your light. Nikki Rowe

Actech426:  It’s a funny thing about life, once you begin to take note of the things you are grateful for, you begin to lose sight of the things that you lack. Germany Kent

Actech426:  Those who mistrust their own abilities are being too wicked to themselves, discouraging themselves from doing what they should have been excelling in. If you are good at discouraging yourself, you can’t be a good leader because leadership is built on inspiring others to face challenges. Israelmore Ayivor


Tishwash:  Bad news for Iraqis: temperatures will reach this level tomorrow

122 fahrenheit is what 50 celsius is

The weather forecaster, Sadiq Attia, revealed the level of temperatures that some governorates will reach on Saturday.

Attia said, “The hot mass will reach its peak tomorrow, Saturday, and reach the level of 50 degrees Celsius in some areas of the southern cities and less in the rest of the cities, and expectations indicate that, as of Sunday and Monday, temperatures will return to decrease again to be around their general rates.”

He pointed out, “The winds will continue to northwesterly moderate speed in the cities of the country, with a tendency to be still in the north and southwest of the country, accompanied by some activity during the day.”   link


Tishwash:   An agreement to reschedule electricity debts and release Iranian gas to Iraq

Today, Friday, the Ministry of Electricity announced an agreement on debt rescheduling and the imminent return of all Iranian gas emissions.

The ministry’s spokesman, Ahmed Moussa, said in a statement, which was followed by Alsumaria News, that “there are debts and dues payable to the Iranian side, and it was agreed during the meeting of the Ministers of Electricity and Finance and the Director General of the Iraqi Commercial Bank to reschedule the debts in order to resume Iranian gas releases in the coming days.”

He added, “If Iranian gas is resumed, electricity production will reach about 22,000 megawatts,” noting that “the increase in production will be reflected in an increase in the number of hours of providing citizens with electricity.”

Moussa pointed out that “gas releases from the Iranian side are still declining by 20 million cubic meters out of the 70 million cubic meters needed by the Ministry of Electricity in the summer.

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