In TNT 

NetGlobal:  The CBI has to make a move real soon. The exchange rate in Iraq is intolarable. 1500 to 1550 dinar to the dollar. The citizens are going to revolt. They have lost faith in the dinar and the government and the CBI.

RVAleady:  Yes, with better planning all around, I think we could have been done long ago. Hopefully, everyone is in high gear now.

AndyB:  are we getting close to where I can go fishing permanently yet?

Yada:  Andy,,I’m confident we are! There is intense pressure for Iraq to change the value on their currency and Baghdad and Kurdistan are meeting now regarding the launch. The CBI will release the rate and they are directed by the White Papers that was accepted by all the PTB

Yada:  Clearly, floating the currency now is cause the value to decease on the dinar but after they RI, it will attract the world to their doors and the second economy will be launched with all the investments

Yada:  Just read Walkingstick, via Frank26, confirmed they are implementing the new mechanism, which we know is the new rate to fund the salaries, the budget, the HCL, the farmers, and the white papers

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