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Tishwash: Planning: 4000 slums in Iraq inhabited by 3.5 million citizens

The Ministry of Planning revealed that there are 4000 slums inhabited by 12% of the Iraqi population, with a population of 3 and a half million people, indicating that the solution to this segment lies in the adoption of the slums law that puts solutions for them.

Ministry spokesman Abdul-Zahra Al-Hindawi said, “There is work by the ministry to conduct a comprehensive survey of all slums in the country in order to identify the reality of this segment and answer many questions about them and know their conditions and the existing poverty rate and others,” according to “Al-Sabah”.

He added: “The requirements of this survey have been completed, but no date has been set for it, but it will be during this year,” noting that “the anticipation of the Slum Law will last the ministry’s survey, as it addresses the problem and sets solutions and legal cover for all treatments that pertain to this segment,” stressing That “the delay in passing the law delays the treatments.

Al-Hindawi continued: “There will be no procedures before the law is passed as it defines and regulates guarantees for these people residing in these areas, as the government cannot demolish slums without alternatives, either by owning the land to its residents bypassing the basic design, or giving them plots of other land, all of which are treatments. within the prospective law   link

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