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PastorJohn:  Happy Independence Day family. Let this be a Bless day for all

MoneySmart:  Happy Birthday USA

Fullsail:  Happy Birthday America!…….This Day (EveryDay) Day We Celebrate Our Freedom From Tyranny – Remember Freedom Isn’t Free – We Are Only One Generation Away From Having It Taken Away…….Freedom, Pass It On!

Tishwash:  Involved in money laundering.. Parliamentary Integrity demands the disclosure of the names of banks belonging to politicians

A member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, Alia Nassif, demanded, on Sunday, the Governor of the Central Bank, Mustafa Ghaleb, to reveal the identity of the banks that launder money .

Nassif said, “There are banks and banks belonging to political figures and economic and partisan organizations that speculate on the money of the Iraqi people .”

She added that “these banks are involved in a process of laundering and are behind the rise in the dollar exchange rate,” calling on the governor of the Central Bank to “inform the House of Representatives about the identity of the banks belonging to political figures to inform the people of the rebellious parties to steal their money    link


Tishwash:   Learn about Iraq’s ranking in the list of the largest gold reserves in the world

The World Gold Council announced, on Sunday, a rise in the world’s reserves of the yellow metal, noting that Iraq has maintained its rank globally.

The council said in its latest schedule for the month of July of 2021, which was reviewed by Mawazine News, that “Iraq maintained its 38th rank globally out of the 100 countries listed in the table with the largest gold reserves in the world, and ranked fifth in the Arab world after Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Algeria and Libya.” Noting that “Iraq’s possession of gold amounted to 96.4 tons, which represents 9% of the rest of its reserves of other hard currencies.”

He explained that “central banks around the world increased their reserves of the yellow metal to reach 35,440 thousand tons, an increase of 56 tons compared to the previous month.”

He pointed out that “central banks around the world added 75.6 tons of gold to their holdings of the metal, as Thailand made the largest purchase of gold during the month, and added 46.7 tons of gold reserves, representing 82% of the total purchases.”

He noted that “Brazil bought 11.9 tons of gold, and Turkey boosted gold reserves by 8.6 tons,” noting that “Kazakhstan and Poland bought about 5.3 and 1.9 tons of gold, respectively, and India added 0.9 tons to its reserves of the yellow metal, and also added Egypt, Malta and Zambia each contain 0.1 tons of gold.

The council indicated that “the total sales of gold by central banks amounted to about 18.9 tons, which is the highest level,” noting that “Uzbekistan was the best seller of gold by about 11.5 tons, and Kyrgyzstan sold 4.5 tons of the yellow metal during the same period.”
He added, “Germany and Mongolia sold 2 and 0.7 tons of gold, respectively, and the Czech Republic also sold 0.1 tons of the metal.”

He pointed out that “the United States of America still ranks first with the largest gold reserves in the world, with 8,133 thousand tons, followed by Germany, with 3,359 thousand tons, while Suriname ranked at the bottom with 1.5 tons, preceded by Yemen with 1.6 tons.”  link

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