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Tishwash: The coalition is moving to install a defense system near Erbil Airport: We will shoot down any plane flying over it

The commander of the international coalition at Erbil airport in the Kurdistan region, Scott Desormo, said that the coalition will shoot down any drone flying over the airport, whether it is an attacker or not.

DeSormo confirmed that at the end of September, a defense system will be installed to protect the coalition base at the airport, and that the withdrawal of US special forces will follow.

Information revealed that US forces shot down two Iranian drones that attacked the airport. A separate US official told Fox News that the US C-RAM missile, artillery and mortar system engaged the two drones carrying Iranian-made bombs.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Wayne Maroto, a spokesman for the international coalition against ISIS, considered that such attacks endanger the lives of civilians, stationed forces, and coalition forces.

It is worth noting that the consulate had stressed, through its Twitter account on Sunday, that these ongoing attacks represent a threat to the sovereignty and stability of Iraq.

She affirmed Kurdistan’s support for identifying those responsible, stressing its commitment to work to maintain and restore peace and stability.

The recent resort to unmanned aircraft raises concern for the international coalition, because these aircraft are able to avoid the C-RAM defensive batteries installed by the US military to defend its forces.

It is noteworthy that Erbil International Airport was also targeted last July, by a drone, without causing any casualties or material damage.

Also, three drones targeted Baghdad airport, where American soldiers are deployed, weeks before this attack.  link

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