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Tishwash:  Iraq achieves $ 20 billion in surplus oil sales and avoids borrowing

Iraqi Finance Minister Ali Allawi confirmed on Friday that his country will achieve a surplus from the difference in selling oil, amounting to 20 billion dollars.

Minister Allawi said today that this current financial abundance will spare Iraq from resorting to the borrowing policy, as it was prevalent in previous years, noting that Iraq has begun to feel the positive effects of changing the dollar exchange rate. 

It is noteworthy that Iraq’s annual budget depends by 95 percent on oil imports, whose prices have risen during 2022. link


Tishwash:  Because of the political blockage… Warnings of the collapse of the political system in Iraq – urgent

The leader in the coordination framework, MP Muhammad Al-Sihoud, warned today, Friday, of the danger of the continuation of the political blockage in .Iraq, during the next stage

Chihod said, in a statement to (Baghdad Today), that “there is a very great danger in the continuation of the political blockage in Iraq, during the next stage, as this matter may lead to the collapse of the political system in Iraq, and that is why everyone should beware of this matter, as it will not be In it, no party wins at all, but “.everyone will lose

He stressed, “the need for all political forces to sit at the dialogue table and negotiate to end the political blockage in Iraq as soon as possible, and to move away from the politics of marginalization and exclusion, which did not bring any good to “.the political process  link


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