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OffGrid:  Forex still holding 1100.3 ……… they DID NOT reset to 1166 today ———— All Day Long!!!

Iko Ward:  Just got a report from Dubai airport that the dinar is available to exchange at Travelex there. Still at the 1163 rate but was never even available before. Take the current Forex rate of 1100.03 and the fact of no reset this was great news to come home to. Anything else happen while I was gone?

Twocutecats:  VND hasn’t moved all day either. Updated at the same time as IQD this morning.

OffGrid:  IKO – this is first time they have not reset to 1166, right???

Iko Ward:  Offgrid…It will probably reset before 8PM EST but this late in the day is another very good sign. The big question tonight is what will it drop to after it does.

OffGrid:  Iko – thanks ………… strange setup today for sure 😉
Iko Ward:  Pilot Jim posted in the forum that we want to see .250 rate for Dinar which would compute to $4.00 Fiat USD.

PilotJim:  When it gets to .250 minimum and that is point two five zero (.250) then we have somthing to cheer about. Until then we wait. Ok for those who are not totally familare with the way this works and what to look for .250= $4.00USD per dinar _

Iko Ward:  PilotJim just gave you all a good piece of intel. Fact…for the past two weeks the rate has been steadily improving and continues to do so both in rate and length of time. I know it’s not RV grade yet, but a good wine takes time.

SonofGod:  IKO 4.00 sounds great to me

Iko Ward:  I see gold is still climbing, and the DOW gained again. Guess everyone still drinking the kool-aide. If it’s all so good why are the fat-cats pulling out?


Elmerf123456 :  @(null): Prime Minister Dr. Haidar Abadi, during a meeting with military and security commanders, the decisive battle for liberation.   THE DECISIVE BATTLE…here we go!

Elmerf123456:  IMHO…DeutscheBank selling assets, Glencore selling assets, Carlyle Group selling assets AND increasing the basket of assets being sold off; it is abundantly clear, there is no magic miracle way out of this collapse.

AND, there’s NOW big liquidity issues in Denmark causing internal political fighting! BUT, guess who’s shining?? Believe it or not, Russia!!! Who knew?

If you can do simple arithmetic like in 3rd grade, it is plain to see, we are at the end. You have a derivative overhang of $4,250+ TRILLION, with a global economy of just over $69.4 TRILLION. DO THE MATH!

We are at the End!!!

Everyone I am very excited for whatvyouvdontcsee on the surface. We are about to experience the Domino Effect and it will be a good thing for those who have patiently waited to hear the Thunder of those chips clanking to the finish line

No stops and starts. That’s all misinformation!

This has playing out and the banks are using all they can. We have a very short window.

The markets are all propped up and there is no true profits being made globally. Changes happening wether you see them or not.

I have been telling everyone never get caught on timelines because you can’t control that

the only thing you can control on this endeavor is whether or not I do on the Currency if you do sit back and relax and don’t worry about anything or all the stuff that people feed you! Just know that you made a decision and it will pay off for you

If I could share just one valuable piece of information to the room that could be worth it’s weight in gold it would be..don’t fall prey to rash decisions in life!
If it’s good enough will be good enough tomorrow.

So use a 24 hour rule! Minutes are precious…guard them wisely.

Any decision done in minutes could yield to be very costly. Use the 24 hour rule


Quicksilver:   Hello Peeps, negativity will just make you feel worse. The world is made up of 99% negativity. Your mind is like a giant tape recorder. So what you are going to have to do is find something positive and focus on that. Ask yourself, “Where would I be if I hadn’t gotten into this?” This is a blessing, nothing more nothing less. Go about your regular day and take care of things.


Bamaltc:  Be encouraged, the private exchanges were confirmed, the possible scheduling for us was not confirmed, just reported as possible. When the privates finish, we are supposedly next.

Luvwulfs:  My timeline..It has to go before Iran sanctions are lifted on the 18th, otherwise the plan for Iraq will blow up.

They need 3-5 days to get us the internet folks through.

The 20th IMF is to announce the new reserve currencies.

That IMF will be a very public announcement according to Tony, so the public will know by then


Iko Ward:   (6:50 PM -ish EST:)  Heck guys, this is getting interesting. Forex has still to reset to 1166 on the Dinar…. they always revert back to the 1166 so reset their spread for the next day. Hasn’t happened today……. we are at 1100.03 at this very moment.

  IKO IS 1100 good rigjht now

Iko Ward: 
 giz..1100 is great! If it doesn’t revert back to 1166 by 8PM EST I’m gonna believe all the info I’ve been getting all day.

Emom:  lko what if it resets after, or later tonight is that still good???

Iko Ward:  mon, I honestly don’t know. It’s never done this before. At least not in the past two years