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Moneysmart:  GM family! Forex holding at 1100.9

Iko Ward:  Notice all the intel and opinions use the word “waiting”? That’s a good thing. The whole world is waiting, not wondering if, not wondering how much, simply waiting.

elmerf123456 : The charts NEVER lie….. The French bank Credit Agrigole started tracking the same decline curve as Glencore!! Why!?? Because the bank was literally creating mortgages on copper!!

Now that’s a huge losing derivative!!

To the tune of about $100 billion! I bet those boys over at Credit Agrigole sure wish there really was a Santa Claus, cuz that wolf at the door is going to be pounding coal up where the sun don’t shine… REAL SOON! IMO

elmerf123456 : Ask IkO. He’s the techno led expert but the charts look primed to me globally.
elmerf123456 :  DeutscheBank executives are leaving the “Plato” dark pool fund!! It doesn’t appear that they came to that decision on their own, more like they were gracefully thrown out, you know, kinda like how a bar fight ends!

Starchild :  Elmer – also – did you see Fortress is liquidating…?

elmerf123456 :  Star yes. Domino affect I mentioned earlier is happening

elmerf123456 :  Fortress announced it is closing down its Macro Hedge Fund. So far, we have lost 6 hedge funds in just one week!! Now, with DeutscheBank selling assets, Glencore selling assets, Carlyle Group selling assets AND increasing the basket of assets being sold off; it is abundantly clear, there is no magic miracle way out of this collapse.


Rrrr:  This is truly our moment, our destined place in time. Are you feeling the energy, as it continues to climb? There’s no holding back now, this things about to ignite. We are battered and bruised, but we’ve have finally won the fight. The fight to release, to all of mankind, the plans that lay dormant so long in our minds. We are the light workers and we can now set the stage for the day, for a new world beginning, It will all be OK!

[daz] might want to check this out China’s Rich & Famous – Rich Lifestyle- Piers Morgan on Shanghai.

just in case you thought china and the renminbi were’nt players