ComeonRV: I thought I read the citizens had RI’d Thur or Fri last week. 3 days stuck in my head for the world to see it. Today is good for me!

Delayed by waiting 3 days before broadcasting their footage, then we get to see it little by litte or the media plays catchup.on us media. They are just sitting on the footages until told to release

OKRocks:  From elsewhere>> Starman: Rayren98, Is right. They haved now moved forward and are in control of the city, wink, it has been for a while now. Its just being announced now. lol. We really are at the moment of this entire GCR, and its just about over for us!! take that to the bank.. DANNY, out.


Tishwash:  The establishment of a bridge over the Tigris River south of Mosul

Baghdad balances News

Command announced coming operations O Nineveh, Monday, for the establishment of a bridge over the Tigris River south of Mosul, in record time.

The military media cell quoting the commander of the coming operations Aaninoy team mkg Gen. Abdul Ameer Ashidiarallah in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, “Military Engineering Directorate at the Ministry of Defense inches to a bridge over the Tigris River instead of Qayyarah Bridge devastating, in record time,” .anthy 29 / a 43

Tishwash:  Iraqi army enters the city of Mosul for the first time since 2014

Reuters reported on Monday that the Iraqi forces entered the Karama district east of Mosul, in the first entry since 2014.

Reuters quoted a senior officer as saying, ” The Iraqi forces entered the dignity neighborhood of Mosul today.”

He added that “this progress is the first incursion inside the city after fighting for two weeks in the surrounding area to expel Daesh. ”

and continue the process (coming, Nineveh) for the fifth day in a row, while the security forces began on Monday the progress towards the left coast of the city of Mosul of the three axes.