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MsGemini28: Previously Posted: tkillian wrote spill the beans trucker!! –

: tkillian ~ can’t say, just that this IS our week! its BEYOND EXCITEMENT –

truckerbabe67:  just do one thing right NOW…. go and double triple check everything! have your plan in place! I am SERIOUS! GN everyone!!!!! and keep the EXCITEMENT GOING!!!!!! this WEEK GONNA BE A GOOD GOOD WEEK!

OffGrid: Truckerbabe is on OM saying again that she feels this is her last day at work and feels something great coming to us this week 😉

flybaby777: Truckerbabe…. on OM still saying be ready… put back 50% and things are looking good…. every reason to feel good everything is good…

Netglobal: Baghdad (AIN) –Security source from Anbar province assured that the terrorist (Abu Muslim al-Saudi) who is among the key assistants of Abu Bakir al-Baghdadi has been killed along with 37 other terrorists during the bombardment of Baghdadi’s convoy near Qaem district of western Anbar on Sunday.


Yekoochie: Iraq Stock Exchange: Closed for Thursday(Oct 15th)

ISX    10/13/2015   11:25

Board of Governors decided not to regulate the trading session on Thursday 10/15/2015 on the occasion of the beginning of the Islamic New Year 1437