Fishon: Iraq is about to “dazzle the world” … Mahdi said this yesterday…Very powerful statement!!!   1st article on Recaps by Samson  Link

Briona: Dazzling the world would be great, as they have been baffling the world for years.

Eccle519: Iraq is preparing to be an open book to the world, something they’ve never done, honestly. Saddam surely cooked the books but now all has to be just right to maintain world status financially. So keep that in mind as they try to “Dazzle” the world! They can’t hide behind false news and deception anymore as they TRY to be accountable…that’s a biggie to them and isn’t just a “switch” imo

Zzzzzzzz: Iraq Oil Report ‏ @iraqoilreport Kurdistan’s #oil sales are steadi​ly growing. A Rosneft-funded oil pipeline has finally reached the 1 mi​llion bpd benchmark. And oil companies are getting paid. 350k bpd prod​uction a year ago 2 500k bpd by end year = #Kurdistan crude sector com​eback.​ns-oil-sector-revival-33698/

Harambe:  CNBC: Cramer predicts oil prices as low as $40 a barrel as US crude fa​lls into bear market​r-barrel-as-bear-market-hits.html

Harambe:  Reuters: Oil prices drop as ‘trifecta of trouble’ may cause glut

Harambe:  Bloomberg: Longest Oil Slump in 4 Years Signals Growing Worldwide Surp​lus​as-opec-meet-weighed-against-u-s-stockpiles

Harambe:  Bloomberg: Zimbabwe Budget Deficit Balloons as Spending Exceeds Target​​icit-balloons-after-spending-exceeds-target

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