6:29 PM PST

Tuesday UPDATE for November 13, 2018

PM Madhi states that the completion of the delivery of the cabinet is in the coming days.

Supposedly, a direct quote from PM Abdul-Madhi, “It was necessary to form the government before the end of the constitutional term and the government is strong and hear all the assessments and observations about any minister and we work on a compromise and an agreement to complete the squad in the coming days.”

[Hmmmmm, “It was necessary to form” sounds like past tense to me, what do you think? Or maybe it’s the difference in the English language?]

9:30 PM PST

It appears that the CBI Acting-Governor Alak “might” be under official investigation for the disappearance (and/or damage) of seven billion dinar …..hmmmmm


RCH:  I wonder if Maliki knows where this 7 billion damaged Dinar is at ? May be someone will magically find the damaged Dinar after the ReVal.

TMan33:  Well they have always said things would get wild and crazy at the end of this adventure. Seems like we see more and more wild and crazy things weekly now. So we must be close close

Timth2Lman:  after the delivery of the cabinet finale……on to investigations into the CBI theft (the next delay) and then after that ever how long it can drag out, then the Budget will be the next delay. And on and on and on it goes and another year goes by.

RVAlready:  The budget has nothing to do with RV timing. I do not think anyone plans a CBI investigation. The fact that the budget is already written in 1:1 numbers, should tell you everyone knows what is happening…. I think this is on a timetable. All the public stuff is just smoke and mirrors, as usual.

RVAlready:  Remember, this is a new parliament. Allaq reassured them that the MR is going smoothly. He seems to be in control of the MR, and we will see the RV when the date hits. I am hoping the date is this week, or, at the worst, by the end of November.

FullSail:  Since we are not driving this bus….. It IS still our choice…. we either choose to continue and enjoy the ride until our final destination OR we can choose to get off this ride at the next stop and go in another direction. Blessings to All who have made their choice……

FullSail:  We are Now becoming what we will one day Be …. We only have Today, each day one day at a time, yesterday’s gone, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet, what we do Today will determine our Tomorrows. Choose Wisely My Friends


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