Pearle: Iraq is supposed to start selling bonds internationally, today

Phantom809: Can’t find it in the news.

RVAlready: Bonds should be listed on ISX. Not going to be front page news.

Semperfi: Isn,t it funny how almost every intel provider has been riding on the “INTERNATIONAL BONDS” being traded International as of today cant go inter with out a new rate oh yes this has got to be it yea! Just to see an article this morning saying NATIONAL BONDS. Quite a difference. So where are we now? Waiting.

Maximus016:  Semperfi, they cannot do a bond offering without an international trade able currency. No one will by bonds at a program rate and furthermore, Iraq would lose their shirts paying bonds at 6% at a program rate.


Clotheshorse:  My hands are itching folks! Is there moola in the horizon? Come On RV!!!!

Ify:  Excerpt from Nov 16 2018 CC Notes: Currencies Dinar, $4.13, contract rate $28.50; Dong, .47, contract rate, $2.23; Rial, $3.85; Rupiah, $1.08; Afghani, $3.37 are all on the screens today showing “Hold.” Tony: They were not there yesterday but are today. Looking for answers this morning. . . They are all scheduled to go in the first basket.

Ify:  when I got into this almost 9 years ago, was hearing .86 cents for dinar and .05 cents on the dong. was very happy with those numbers.


Harambe:  Reuters: Car bomb blast kills five in Iraq’s Tikrit: police, medics

Harambe:  Bloomberg: The Oil Price Is Now Controlled By Just Three Men​d-putin-control-the-oil-price-now

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