Sunny: FYI: The US Forex market is closed on Thanksgiving day. The London/EU market will be open until it’s normal closing time approx 8 or 9 am EST. then the after the US market hours the Asian will open at 5 pm EST.

On Black Friday all three segments of the FOREX market will be open but traditionally since traders are on holiday the trading is light. They could be in for a surprise this year.
Swampy Jack:  Keep in mind that Forex closes at 5:15pm on Friday and reopens on 5:15pm on Sunday

Kman:  T’was the day before Thanksgiving and no RV in sight, please oh please will somebody get it right….lol

Harambe:  CNBC: US crude oil dives 6% to fresh one-year low as stock market slid​es​.html


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