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Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, November 20, 2015.  [singing I Want to Be A Billionaire…”]  Pam asked for excellent super-fantastic questions for our last call!

Good morning, good morning, good morning!  I am going to talk to you and answer some questions.  First, I had a very, very good friend whose husband passed away yesterday, so I’m busy doing that today after the call, but I wanted to say THANK YOU to Mike Taylor, first round draft with the Steelers in 1968; his wife and my wife are best friends.  I will have a busy weekend helping the family, and I wanted to acknowledge the family.

There is not a lot of information for the call itself. Everyone is still saying GO, it’s green. The banks were called in and told to be ready at 8am this morning, although we are here doing the call.  They are still saying ‘any minute’, and in Iraq they were told the exact same time. They are still planning to hand out the lower denominations and telling their people the procedures. It could still be today. Iraq is planning to pay their government people this Sunday and I hope it will go before then.

Banks were briefed yesterday to look for an influx of customers throughout the weekend, and told to get them in and out as fast as they can. They were told to send them in one direction if they say ‘cash out’ and another direction if they say “exchange’. Just say you want to exchange your currency;  “what is the rate under IQN and under IQD?”  Then exchange whichever seems best.

They did expect it to be already done this morning and no one knows what is holding it up. they are still expecting it, and talking about it in  Iraq.  All the  lower denomination dinar are sitting at the banks waiting to be distributed.  So far as my sources go, they are ready but don’t yet have the lower denominations in their hands.  That comes from the marketplace up to the government in Iraq and Kurdistan.  They have all been briefed but don’t yet have them in their hand.

There is no bad news.  Everyone is ready;  everyone is on board.  The system was tested again this week. One three-letter agency has the authority to release this to the world.  They haven’t done it yet, and I don’t know what they are waiting for.  BE READY so you don’t have to get ready!

404 caller:  May this be the last pre-RV call!  If it’s one three letter agency that has the authority to release this, does that imply there will be some sort of formal announcement?  OR will it just show up and so we have to be sensitive to indicators?

Tony:  I think it will just show up, and the celebrations and announcement will come after.  The rate is there already, not saying hold or pending, but not processing either.  We will know when it happens, even if the world doesn’t know.

Caller:  Will you still be given a package to share with us?  Or has that dropped by the wayside and we’ll have to figure it out ourselves?

Tony:  There hasn’t been anything definitive, so I don’t know if they want to keep us guessing or what. They don’t want the world to know, they want this to stay hidden, and they are smart enough to know that you don’t do that by letting six million people loose into chaos at the banks.  I can’t see them wanting that to happen, so I imagine they will put out some kind of direction.

Caller:  Are you able to tell us something about the rates?

Tony:  I would go with the rates I’ve said recently, because there is a lot of mess out there and some people are going crazy.  Even those rates are better than we though they were.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And Happy Thanksgiving with even more to be thankful for!

Tony:  Man, let this be the last call so we can enjoy our weekend!

352 caller:  I didn’t think you would get to me.  I was listening to a Gospel song:  Something Good is About to Happen.  Is that the case?

Tony:  Everyone I talk to says it is about to happen! Everyone is on alert all around the world, and it could happen any time.

Caller:  Is there still a time limit on exchanging the zim?

Tony:  I haven’t seen any update on the zim.  It’s still on the boards. Someone sent some nonsense about that this morning.  I said there were seven currencies on the board, and someone said to me there were nine.  I think  you will get your best benefit within the first 10-15 days.

Caller:  Someone said this won’t come out until mid-December because that is when the 50K notes will be issued.  Another said it won’t happen until Maliki is arrested.

Tony:  The 50K notes came out two weeks ago.  And they have been watching Maliki for months, they have arrested his people, taken his plane and palace, found his money… if it’s waiting until Maliki is arrested, why don’t they just walk in and arrest him?  I don’t think they are waiting for that.

Caller:  I signed up with Gen64’s group, although I won’t be using that group.  Go to the bank and negotiate your own rate.  If the group negotiates one rate, you can maybe do better yourself, and you will get the difference between what they negotiated and what you actually get int hat group.

Tony:  I don’t know any group that is offering any benefit that’s worth it.  You would have to give your currency to them, and they would give it back at their own rate and timing.  I trust myself to make my own decision, and I want to control my own money.

Caller:  You don’t know how much of your money that group will be taking. [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

312 caller:  I do hope this is our last call as well.  [chit chat]  My questions have really been answered as well.  I don’t’ imagine you’ll tell us which nine currencies…

Tony:  I’m pretty sure you have the major ones covered.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I’ll see you there!

281 caller:  I’m doing great, thanks.

Tony:  I’m doing super-fantastic!

Caller:  Christine Lagarde said that the US is holding back the economic reform.  You say we are not holding this back.  So is that for real?  What’s up with that?

Tony:  The banks are telling me they are waiting for the UST to give them approval.  I know government agencies are telling me that everyone has given approval and they are waiting for another three-letter agency to let the world go.  You choose what to velieve.  This is absolutely done according to everyone. The word I got from Iraq is that they have given their go-ahead, and I’ve heard the same from our government.

Caller:  “If any two of you agree on earth as touching anything about the Father in Heaven, it will be done.”  If we all point our tongue in the direction of our destiny, then God can remove any obstacles holding this thing back. We have to be determined and united, of one mind and one accord, and then decree this thing so that God can establish it.  We need to get on the same page.  Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  and I’m going to Maui!

Tony:  I appreciate that.  There is nothing wrong with the power of prayer.

954 caller:  Condolences to you.  Is there any word on taxes?

Tony:  No.  None of my sources have heard anything.  They’re not even talking about it.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

623 caller:  This is my first time calling.  Are you sure it’s done, done, done?

Tony:  I’m just telling you what they tell me.

Caller:  I know you hearing a lot more than you can tell.  The banks are only going to hear “it’s done” before they stop helping out.

Tony:  We’ve been through all that.  The banks all quit two years ago, saying they would not call their people in again, but they did call their exchangers and security back in on Monday.  That’s really the only choice they have when they are putting it out that it is done. I had calls from people saying their banks called them for today!  Things are definitely still going on.   I know the banks want to go, and they are sending memos to their people telling them to be ready for any time after 8am Friday morning, and to expect customers over the weekend. They do not have the authority to let this go on a mass scale, but they can send a few people through here and there.

Caller:  Could the dong go by itself before the dinar?

Tony:  No, the dinar is the kingpin of the GCR.  The value of the dong changes in response to the value of the dinar as a reserve currency.  It won’t go without the dinar.

772 caller:  Hello!  You must be above super-fantastic now!

Tony:  I’m super-fantastic in the knowledge this should and could go any moment or any  hour.  Today is as good as any other day.  They can let it go;  I just don’t know what is obstructing it.

Caller:  There are discussion through time of what they may do in reference to letting this go;  what is the best-case scenario for us?  Will there be a short call, a long call, let us have an 800 number?

Tony:  I would think the best thing would be for them to control the exchange system, letting you know where and when to go to secure exchange locations. That’s how I would do it.  There are a lot of different scenarios, and I don’t think they would want people attacking the banks because they don’t know where to go or what to do.  I know they are concerned with large gatherings of people.  Not just here but around the world, there could be disruption and chaos. There was an incident in Africa and in Iraq they are worried that people may rush the banks to get the lower denominations.

In Iraq, they are ready to go, and they have been briefing their people every afternoon on the television.  I would think it would make more sense for banks in the US to have people come in by appointment and secure locations, and from that point of view, 800 numbers make sense so that they can control the flow of people rather than having them rush all the banks trying to find out what’s happening.

Caller:  I would think they’d do it in a way that benefits them.  Wit the information you  have shared, we know more than most.  We can feel confident, pay attention, and make good decisions.  It’s just an exchange, a business transaction. [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I’d rather go to Raleigh…

Tony:  Let’s do both!

281 caller:  So you may not get a notification from the banks, but you might get it from the other places and contacts you know.

Tony:  I expect to get notified outside the circles before I get official notification.

Caller:  With this ready to happen at any second, and they still haven’t given you any instructions, that won’t give you much time – you might have to tell us what you do know, or we will have to go to your sites or to the bank sites.  If  your sites go down, we’ll have to look at your other sites…?

Tony:  My understanding is that they want to start setting appointments and have people in the banks within two hours.  The only way they can do that is to make announcements and instructions on how to make appointments, because without that, everyone will tell their friends and family and run to that banks.  That will blow up this whole thing!

Caller:  I don’t want them to have another reason to delay this because not everyone will stay calm and know what to do.

Tony:  There is a 99.9% chance there will be problems if they don’t give instructions, especially because not everyone listens to these calls.  Most are smarter than that.

Caller:  I know we are the internet group;  this seems like a slow rollout, and I don’t know if any other groups have gone.  It sounds more like people on the banker’s lists.  Will any of these currencies expire as they delay the RV?

Tony:  I think they will put out extensions – wait for this to happen, then put out a date.  I wouldn’t wait;  I would exchange within the next ten days.  The best time is here+now.

Caller:  I have too much zim to use it to wall-paper my bathroom!  I don’t’ care if it’s a penny – I’m tired and I’m ready for this to be over.  I hope to hear today is our day!

667 caller:  I’m a first-time caller, although I’ve been a dinarian for over ten years.  My mother is in her 80s, and she doesn’t want more information, she just wants to know when to go to the bank. I’ve been looking at other websites, putting the pieces together.  With the 50k notes being out, and the lower denominations at the bank, one guru says that the rate in Iraq ill be 1:1 or maybe 1.16, while in other countries it will be $3.91 or so.  How can Iraq do that, with a higher rate outside the country?

Tony:  I did explain this on the last caller.  If we exchange our dinar, and the rate is $3.91 per dinar, that is our exchange rate.  In Iraq, it may be 1:1.  Right now, it’s 1166 dinar for one dollar.  If they exchange one dinar for one dollar, it will buy what $3.91 would buy them in dollars.  They are still getting the higher value, like we are in dollars.  That’s how it breaks down for them, 1:1.  Do you understand?  Okay, he’s gone.  Hopefully everyone understands that.

301 caller:  Thanks for taking my call.  A while back, someone mentioned about a particular IRA that has lots of extra benefits.  Do you remember that? [Tony:  Sorry, no.]

Also, I remember there was a Virginia 540 number that called in  once, and I just learned my friend has a bank in Fredericksburg that has a DelaRue machine. I’m ready to load my stuff into the van, and I am ready to go!

Tony:  I am ready, too!

Caller:  I never heard from the lady who was supposed to tell me how to get the tweets. [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  I don’t know how to do that.  Pam knows about that.  I told her to call you, but she might be too busy.

Pam:  The instructions on how to follow TNT on Twitter are on the Tony Blast section of our forum at, and you don’t have to be a member to  access that.  Send a text to 40404, saying, “follow @THE_TNT_TEAM”.  You should get a text back automatically.  If not, omit the @ and text 40404 again.

646 caller:  How is Ray?

Tony:  Ray is fine;  he isn’t hear because he’s traveling.

Caller:  Let’s hope we can wrap this up and move forward in our lives, uplifting others including the veterans, soon rather than later. [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

951 caller:  You mentioned a while back that when the GCR happens, the US dollar will take a hit.  Can you talk about that a bit?

Tony:  It won’t affect us at all because we’ll have a whole lot of money.  For the GCR to work, the top tiers will have to come down a bit while the bottom tiers come up.  The US dollar will come down a little bit, but more like 2-3%. The whole economy is not going to crash, plus the debt will be wiped out and a whole lot us will be putting more money back into the economy.  In six months, that will all be over, in my opinion.

Caller:  Okay, sounds good.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

530 caller:  I’m looking at the fact that everything will happen at one time with a first basket and potentially a second basket.  They have said that China will be in the SDR at a later date. W hen this happens and the dinar goes into the SDR… do we include China?  Or do we have to wait until China is authorized by the IMF to go in there?

Tony:  I wonder if they will try to drag this out until the end of November when China is voted into the SDR.  However, even if they are voted in, it doesn’t take place until November 2016, so I guess that isn’t what they are waiting for.  I talked to DC, and he says they have already allowed for that, so it’s not part of the plan.

Caller:  I like your explanation, so let’s get this over with and I’ll see you in Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

252 caller:  If this is set to go, they  would probably give you a message to let you know you can release the information.  It could be done within seconds if you get an email.

Tony:  I don’t’ check my email all the time, so if it’s an email, probably not. If they sent me a text message saying it’s live, it would have to be a long text to give instructions.  Then I would have to send you all a tweet with the 800 numbers.  Then you would have it instantly and the phones would blow up!  There are other ways they can give it to me, but however it comes in, I will send out a tweet telling you where to go and who to call.

Caller:  And you say we should get Clean and Clear Certificates if we want to buy something big?

Tony: That is just a letter from that bank saying they know where the money came from, that it’s in the bank and not from illegal sources.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I’ll see you there!

Tony:  Pam?  She must be off getting some top secret information for you.  I do need her to turn it off because Ray is not here.

Pam:  I’m here and I’m all set.  Goodbye everybody;  I hope this is it.

Tony:  Everything is positive.  Iraq is telling them on television what is going on, how this exchange is supposed to work and that they are ready to release the currency.  The lower denominations are at the bank waiting for this release.  The banks here have been told to be ready, to get people in and out as quickly as possible. Everyone is ready to go, and we just don’t know why we haven’t.  I just got a text about hostages being released;  they got the terrorists.  Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.  It’s ready, I’m ready, YOU be ready so that we can have a smooth transaction and get on with our lives. To everyone who has helped up in the last five years, in the US, in the government, in the banks, overseas, in Iraq – thank you!  You are the real heroes.  We talk about Tony, Pam, DC and Ray, but you are the true heroes. There are also politicians who are on our side and who have made this possible for us to enjoy – without them, we probably wouldn’t be here.  I would love nothing more than to call you back in the next hour, but if not, we will do a call when it’s appropriate.  Enjoy your day!