TNT DINAR CC (Notes by Adept1)

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Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, November 30, 2015.  I hope you are super-fantastic – we have finally made it to the Promised Land!  [We have already had the good news that the IMF has approved the inclusion of the Chinese yuan (renminbi) in the global reserve currency basket.]  THEY BELIEVE THAT AFTER THE IMF MEETING TODAY – AFTER CHINA HAS BECOMES a part of the reserve – IT WILL BE ANNOUNCED – WILL NOT BE ANNOUNCED UNTIL TOMORROW.

Someone in Iraq, in the parliament/banking system believes that after the IMF meeting, after China is included, rates will be official tomorrow, their time (which is our time tonight)  He said we should be in our banks Tuesday/Wednesday.  Also, some have heard that the lower denominations were released this morning or over the weekend.  Banks were sitting waiting until one o’clock on Saturday, but we are still waiting for it.  The rates are there but they cannot complete transactions. They are still waiting on the Go time.

But here is the best thing:  Thursday, jFriday and Saturday, all our information says that the rates were pushed out to the banks!  The whole weekend it should have gone, it was scheduled to go.  Banks brought people in on Saturday and Sunday and they are now pissed off.  The rates are still on the boards. They were pushed out to the regional banks on Saturday;  they waited and we are still here this morning.

A lot of smaller banks and branches were notified this weekend;  those branches will not be doing exchanges, but were notified that exchanges are coming up.  Why would they do that if it were not to take place?  Additional security showed up at many banks today, and top executives are meeting right now for their final preparations.  They are in meetings right now!  So we are getting ready to go.

I know you heard about the person in Canada who was exchanging.  She had to wait 48 hours for background checks, but as of this morning she received 100% of her money.  She had to negotiate her interest rate.  They agreed 4% plus many perks, and she will go in this morning to see if she can get more. Her money is 100% available as of this morning.  She got 13 cents for her zim, which should be enough in itself, depending on how many zim she had.  What else?  She got 47 cents for the dong, 87 cents for her rupiah, and she didn’t have an dinar.  She is very happy to be a multi-millionaire!  We are in a good place – we just have to wait our term and see what happens.  Nobody would thought they would wait out the whole month or wait for China to be approved, but now it has been approved.  Hopefully this is it!  Everything else is super-fantastic!

707 caller:  Did you hear the report that the 50,000 dinar notes have been postponed?

Tony:  No, I don’t know anything about that.  I heard they were out, delivered, people have them, etc.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

617 caller:  Will we have our exchange before the Chinese currency is out there?

Tony:  What I was told is that the Chinese currency is out there and has been for a long time.  I don’t think we have to wait any longer;  Iraq says we should be in the bank on Tuesday or Wednesday.  They can announce it after the meeting, or tomorrow so that it starts on the first day of a calendar month.  Their first of December will be later tonight for us.

302 caller:  You said look at their actions rather than their words.  Do you personally know that people are in meetings and that security is in the banks?  I don’t think you do. [hang up]

636:  Is there still a cap on currencies?  Do you think that .13 on the zim will fluctuate?

Tony:  Our rates will be different from Canada.  Originally our zim rate was supposed to be .11, so that is still in the frame.

Caller:  Sounds like I need to give lots away, really quickly.

Tony:  I got calls saying ‘don’t tell people to give it away’, so I don’t know.

Caller:  You give me peace.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

410 caller: Do you still plan to have a final call?  Or will there be official notification, or 800 numbers?  Or should we just call the currency departments?

Tony:  That was passed to me, that people should just figure this out on their own.  I think that’s a crazy idea, but that could happen.  I don’t know.  We could just send out a tweet, regardless, saying “go to the bank”.  A bunch of banks just received notice that they won’t be doing exchanges.  It seems crazy to me to have you just go to any bank without a plan.  We will send out a tweet, put it in chat, and post it on the other sites.

719 caller:  We kept hearing we would get this by Black Friday;  do you honestly feel we will have money for Christmas this year?

Tony:  WE should have had it for Black Friday… all the information pointed to them releasing this.  They had the numbers at the banks, they brought in security, and then they didn’t do it.  They did say it was released to the Fed on Thursday and to the regions on Saturday.  I don’t know if they waited until today because of China or if that was their plan all the time. In Iraq, they think after the IMF meeting everything will go because it’s then official.  They started passing out the lower denominations in the region.  It’s already official here, and the banks think something will happen tonight or tomorrow and this will all be over with.

Caller: Every year we’ve been wanting to help with Salvation Army, angel trees, etc., and we just couldn’t’ do it.  If they don’t let it go soon, theyw ill delay collecting taxes for another year and a half.  Has Iraq been paid their salaries?

Tony:  Seems like they started getting paid on the 27th, on their cards.  They hoped to get the new rates on their cards.

Caller:  The average little guy who doesn’t have cards – how do they get paid?

Tony:  I know that money is short and people are lining up outside the banks.  May still believe in currency, don’t know how to use the banking system, and they still have explanations on television every day.

Caller:  Abadi said that this would happen by the next holiday, and the next one we could find on the Internet is in late December.

Tony:  Let’s hope it doesn’t last that long.  They have been talking about it for weeks on their television and in the mosques.  I hope that this is the day.  The rates are sitting there and they just need the transaction codes.  Now our banks and Canada are both paying out people, and in Canada, they are paying them in full, not in SKRs.

Caller:  Iran was supposed to have an active rate as of 3. December.

Tony:  I don’t know about Iran and the sanctions.  I know rates change on the first of the month, and that is one reason I think we will see it tomorrow.

Caller:  We bought a lot of currency on ebay, and each time we got it verified at WF with a black light and a book.  All the WF have a currency book with all the security features, so no one has to freak out if they don’t have a Delarue machine.  The larger banks that I know of have it all covered.  I won’t go to Vegas, but you have a great time there!

Pam and Ray have things to do, but I just wanted you to have this information and be ready to go.  I hope we will have another call this evening, and if not then tomorrow. If we get any kind of notification, we will tweet it out to you if nothing else.

Pam:  It’s a super-fantastic with this great news.  We’re there, look forward to it, make plans, and be ready so you don’t have to get ready.  You know more than you think you do;  be flexible and prepared.

Ray:  It’s a Marvelous Monday;  rejoice and be glad in it!

Tony:  You guys have the information.  I’ve give you several different scenarios;  just go back through the sites, talk to people on chat, and swap information anonymously.  Help each other out!  I don’t’ think anyone will try to cheat you, although there may be some issues.  They are there for business, just like you are, and may the best business-people win.  A closed mouth doesn’t get food, and nothing beats a failure but a try – so try!

The key word is EXCHANGE.  If they have both symbols, ask to see the rates for each so that you can choose.  Don’t be scared.  Go in the bank dressed like professionals, and act like professionals   If the conversation goes well, the person on the other side might give you a little bit more, just because he likes you.  Some people might be upset during the exchange, and you can’t do anything about that.  They missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime, they’ve just found out this is real, and they might be put out.  Deal with them as politely as you can.

As we get information we will tweet it out.  We will be here to do whatever we need to do. Enjoy the rest of your day, and hopefully we’ll be back to give you the information you need.  It’s a super-fantastic day!