TNT DINAR CC (Notes by Adept1)

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Replay 605.562.3179, PIN CODE 409029#

Pam:  I’m ready to rock.  Did you get the text I sent you a little while ago?

RayRen:  Yes and no;  it’s all good.  Everything is working, let’s put the recording on.

Pam:  We are doing things a little differently today, bear with us.

RayRen:  Good afternoon, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, December 2, 2015.  This is RayRen98 and with Already Blessed we will get this show on the road. We’ve always threatened to do this if Tony and DC couldn’t, and that I would tell All.

Pam: I realize that most people don’t understand what’s going on in Dinarland, I will give a brief synopsis.  Due to a ten-year-old MLM court case, tony has agreed not to be on any more TNT calls.  We all came together to be as educated as possible and help the public understand the timelines and all that is involved. This is a voluntary site, and you’re listening to this because you want to, under freedom of speech and freedom of the press.  I think it’s despicable so many are kicking Tony at this time.  If you are not helping the situation, get out of the way.  We are helping everyone get across the finish line as best we can.  If you want to discuss Tony’s situation, do it elsewhere.

RayRen:  Thanks for that  personal point of view.  The official view for TNT is that I am going to be the voice of TNT, a new man in the captain’s chair. Tony won’t be with us.  If you have seen or heard about the court case, you know it has nothing to do with TNT or foreign currency; it’s totally separate, and that is why Pam is not going to talk about the case.  However, the case has now reached somewhere I think it should not have, but that explains the absence of Tony.  Make sure you identify with what Pam just shared with you,a nd the essence of TNT:  it’s about a plan, not a man.  A man had to say it, but the whole focus is about a plan, knowledge and education that surpasses any individual. We’ve been working as a collaborative team since TNT came out.  Tony couldn’t possibly do all that, and there is a team bringing you information, and that team is still intact.  That will still be forthcoming until you no longer need that to hang on and keep hoping.  Until it’s over, we will still have a call Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  The only thing different is a different man gathering the information and bringing it to you.

We have a person – Lolly Morgan?  Who have been emailing and writing the prosecutor caliming that TNT is scamming people somehow.  Prosecutors love to take stuff like that run with it.  It’s called character assassination. I’m sure Morgan and his team are listening now.  They sent erroneous information to the prosecutor as the case was wrapping up, and part of the agreement was that Tony would not talk about dianr, and that is what TNT is all about.  Just as Morgan sent emails making these claims of ‘dinar scams’, you can also send emails or letters letting them know how you feel about this being a ‘dinar scam’ and let the chips fall where they may. The truth will come to light, and it already is.  Many individuals are coming forward to say they are exchanging dong, rupiah and even dinar.  It is real;  it is not a scam.  So if you feel it is not a scam, you can also sent a letter or an email, and here’s an address: [email protected].  He’s only hearing one side of people launching a campaign.  All those following this information know that there is no scam, and people are coming forward to substantiate this.  If it were a scam, they would not be exchanging their currencies for US dollars.

We will put this in the forum, so you can write and let them know they are dealing with one-sided information saying this is a ‘scam’ and an attack on Tony. Let the light sign; lle the truth be told. Put pen to paper and do what is just and necessary so that these people can have the right information.

I’ve taken over, and all the information will be similar in grade and caliber.  The tweets will be the same.  We are working with the same people as for the last few years, not someone new to the scene.  It was Tony’s job to do the speaking and now I have the job and we will continue until the RV happens.  Pam is still here, the mods are here, and TNT is still here.

Pam:  Can I call you an idiot?  Can I send you texts?

RayRen:  There will be a change there!  It’s a challenge to receive texts while I am on the call.  Just a second.  I have a few texts… hold on.  We are getting to the information because that is what you are here for, but I know there are questions about the situation.  It’s all going to be good.

Pam:  Someone asked if you were going to throw me under the bus…

RayRen:  Not today!  Who knows about tomorrow… <joke.

Pam: This is that email address again:  [email protected].  The other side has been saying a lot, so send them what you think they should know about the dinar, etc.

RayRen:  Let the judge and prosecutors know what the real truth is, so that they cannot be swayed in that regard, because it will affect you eventually.  Let the truth be known, especially those who have exchanged.  All we are doing is sharing information.

This is what we have been hearing/receiving, up to 30 minutes ago.  In the US, some of our bank contacts are saying they cannot see the rates, but there is a lot of movement – that this is 80-90% about to blow.  Some banks are moving employees to different locations – what could their reasons be for that?  There could be a number of things.  It’s like a helter-skelter process.  Some exchanges have taken place this week and even today.  The banks are saying ‘this week’, even from a bank memo sent out to some of the banks.  They are preparing for this week, for next week.  Some people have appointments and are being told to bring their currency with them.  We know what they are intending to do, won’t know the results until afterwards.

The governing bodies are in agreement that this can go;  we are just waiting for the moment.  Overseas, the lower denominations have been distributed in some parts of Iraq.  In Canada, we have got confirmations from individuals who have talked to exchange officers.  They are saying the zim is live over there and he can exchange it.  There are multiple reports of exchanges in Canada – your time is coming, Canadians.

Iraqi individuals are expecting this ‘any minute’ – today, tomorrow, first part of next week.  We are very much ‘in the moment’ based on the information being shared with us.  That is about it regarding information right now.   Pam, did I miss anything?

Pam: You were perfect – doing a great job.

RayRen:  That is all the information we can share at this moment, subject to more information coming in.  If there is a need for a call between now and Friday, we will have one, likewise for tweet.  If we haven’t seen it by Friday, we will be here on Friday.  There is a new sheriff in town, and I’ll give a few people the chance to ask questions, but you need to bring it right.  I will not talk about Tony’s case.  Send your letters and emails to the prosecutors about this being a ‘scam’.  But any other general questions, we’ll see if we can move you along.  I’ll start at the top of the list…  301.

301 caller:  Thank you for the introduction.  Has there been any changes as far as giving out the 800 numbers?

RayRen: That is still a mystery to us at the moment.  We haven’t heard definitely either way.  We have trained and given examples so you all should be ready even if no 800 numbers are issued by us.  You should have a  Plan A, Plan B and Plan C, and if not, develop those now.  Check your local banks and who to call for foreign currency exchanges.  Don’t mention dinar, but if they exchange foreign currency, that may well be one of the banks who will do exchanges. Then you will know who to call even if we don’t have 800 numbers, you’ll be ready to go.  Don’t mention the dinar, ask about rupiah, dong, or another currency.  We don’t need to know they exchange dinar right now, but be confident that they will do exchanges when the time comes… as a Plan B.

Caller:  How many zeroes will be taken off the dong?

RayRen:  No zeroes will be taken off the dong, so far as I know.  It will exchange as it is.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And North Carolina!

432 caller:  I’m with General54’s group – have they gone in?

RayRen:  I don’t know – probably so.

Caller:  We wish Tony the best!  Will you still have the meetings?  Annuities?

RayRen:  Tony is fine.  He is feeling super-fantastic, so not to worry there.  He does appreciate the concern from all of you.  We still intend to have the meet-and-greets as planned.  We have to take it on a day-by-day basis, but everything can have that will be do our advantage, we will have it there.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

405 caller:  So who had been the one stopping this?  We keep hearing it’s ready to go!

RayRen:  It’s hard to get a good answer on that.  We’ll just have to wait and ride it out.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

313 caller:  I’m superfantastic, but we miss Tony!  On the CBI website, the rates have changed a bit.. they are going up.

RayRen:  You’ll hear from Tony again.  As for the CBI website, everything is not always as it appears to be.  There is movement and people are pleased about that.  I’m more focused on bank people being excited, and waiting for them to call me to come on down!

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

770 caller:  IF the currency we hold and the currency that has already been exchanged has the same value, how do the financial institutions decide who to exchange?

RayRen:  The institutions are working from their own database, the list that they have to do the private exchanges and get those out of the way before the public activity commences.  So that does depend on the person, not the currency.

Caller:  How does the bank select who to exchange?  That value inside and outside is still the same, right?  Then it’s down to the financial institution choosing… how does that work apart from the banks just saying “I have the authority to do this?”  [same point again]

RayRen: The best answer I can give you is ‘private vs. public’.  That happens in all walks of life, that some people access higher levels than we do. There is obviously someone going first, the first wave of anything. So long as the rest of us get to do it as well, that is fair.  If the bank is authorized to do some exchanges ahead of schedule, they get to choose who to do it with.  So long as my turn is coming, I’m okay with that.  We are just waiting for the public opening, and that is coming.  We are just waiting for that, until the bank calls us and says we can have our exchanges.  We know the banks called some people in and they attempted to do the exchange and it wouldn’t go through.  There is a combination of what’s going on, and it’s all progress. That is what excites me.  As long as we have progress, we have hope.

Caller:  So sooner or later we will get our turn.

RayRen:  If that changes and our turn will not be a reality, that’s a different situation.  But that is not an issue today.  Good things come to those who wait.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

941 caller:  I think the caller was kind of confused because if X goes in and gets one rate and Y goes in and gets another prices, then the currency doesn’t have the same value.

RayRen:  I think that the rates will be at least the international rates, and so they will all have the same initial value.  Some will go in, walk the walk and talk the talk, and negotiate a higher rate.

Caller:  Is Wally Morgan the same guy who has been harassing TNT all these years?  The one on FB and sending out texts, and so on?

RayRen:  I don’t know 100%, but probably so.  I think he is up to some things that are not in your interests.

Pam:  Yes, it’s a group that has been working together, and some have specialized in certain areas but they all have the same purpose – to cause trouble.

Caller:  I don’t hang out in those areas because they are 99% wrong. [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

602 caller:  I’m sure Tony can handle whatever is being thrown at him. You mentioned that the zim is live in Canada; if dinar is the foundation, how can the zim be live in CA?

RayRen:  I don’t know, but if the bank calls me and says they can exchange on zim, I will hang up right now and run down to the bank. This RV and GCR is supposed to already be done – we are just seeing bits and pieces, not full-scale.

Caller:  The official RV was in April right?  And if it’s out in Canada, it should be in the US as well, right?

RayRen:  It’s no different there than here in the last few months – a few people have been able to exchange.  Someone on my call last night exchanged two months ago!  Things like that happen and we enjoy it when it does.

Caller:  Do you think we will have a call or tweet before Friday?

RayRen:  It moves so much, but I am looking forward to that, based on the information I’m hearing and how the banks are moving… I have a feeling we are there.

Caller:  Another caller said about DC, something about a reconciliation conference in mid-December and we won’t see it until after that.  Have you found any truth to that?

RayRen:  I haven’t seen anything about that yet.  One last caller…

312 caller:  I’m super-fantastic.  My thoughts and prayers are with Tony.  One of the things I have been considering is an issue outside TNT, someone making allegations that this is a scam. I’m sure you’re aware of the case in Georgia with Sterling, where many of us have lost money to Sterling and the prosecutors have refused to release our money because of potential civil suits.  I wish they would start releasing that cash that is still tied up with Sterling because a huge number have money tied up in Sterling, and there will be a continuing problem if they don’t release that money paid for dinar.  Have you heard anything you can share about that?

RayRen:  I haven’t heard anything official.  If they are holding your property, that you paid for, then petition the court to have it released. That’s what I would do at this stage.  If whoever is holding your property won’t release it, petition the court to have them release it.

Caller:  I have sent letters to the court, but the prosecutor went on the offense, saying none of us should have our property released.  If they can be shown this is not a scam, that argument would be void.

RayRen:  A lot of people are in the situation, and we just have to wait.  It will be resolved.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

RayRen:  We have reached that time.  It’s been fun but we’ve got to run!  As a recap, the team is still intact because we were a team to begin with, although there was one main spokeperson. Now that spokesperson has changed.  There have been other changes behind the scenes, but you will still get the information and TNT will continue to do what is needed on Friday or before Friday if required.  Everything stays the same:  you will get the tweets as usual, the site is still there, we just won’t have Tony on this call because this call is about the business of foreign currency.

Pam:  Thanks, Ray, for stepping up and leading the charge forward so we can continue to move forward.  Just as we have always done on TNT:  take the high road.  I will add the two email addresses to the TNT Tony Blast section so that nonmembers can access them on

RayRen: No matter what you hear or read, ask these questions:  1.  What sense does that make?  2.  Does this have to do with what I do with this foreign currency?  The second question is more important than the first.  If it doesn’t affect you, ignore it, and maybe ignore the person who gave it to you.

We are in any minute, any hour, any day expectation.  I intend to wait it out – what about you?  If we need to, we will be back on Friday.  Have a great evening and take care.